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Spring is Springing: What’s New from Radiant Logic in Spring 2024

This week we announced our upcoming spring 2024 release of the RadiantOne Identity Data Platform. We are thrilled to share our innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI), analytics, and data management for identity—and in particular the benefits they will bring our customers for reducing risk and streamlining compliance.  

Challenges for Identity in 2024  

Gartner will tell you that data availability and quality are essential prerequisites to Identity and Access Management (IAM) success and security initiatives—and the data management capabilities that come with “action” tools like Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), Access Management (AM), and Privileged Access Control (PAM) solutions don’t cut it. 

As built-in data integration and data governance capabilities are often insufficient for client needs, this frequently results in significant implementation and integration challenges—which slows the time-to-value delivery for many IAM programs and other interdependent programs, including data security.” —Gartner Predicts 2024: IAM and Data Security Combine to Solve Long-Standing Challenges


One of the most stubborn obstacles in deploying effective IAM systems is getting access to high-quality identity data, due to:  

  • Legacy, tightly coupled, and siloed systems 
  • Constant change in the form of: 
    • Cloud migration 
    • Mergers and acquisitions 
    • Pivot to remote work 
    • Explosion of human and machine identities 

These factors have made it nearly impossible to get one global picture and management point for identity data, leaving organizations open to risk of breach, increasing the cost of running the business, and making it difficult to meet regulatory requirements. 

What can Artificial Intelligence do for Identity? 

Let’s start with the bad news: bad actors are leveraging AI to exploit the growing identity-related attack surface. 2023 was the worst year on record for data breaches. 

Organizations have more identities to manage than ever—and the complexity of doing so is a major problem for security. The IDSA 2023 Trends in Identity Security report found that “one of the biggest challenges for security teams was the sheer number of barriers they now face. The top two reasons were identity frameworks being complicated by multiple vendors and different architectures (40%) and complex technology environments (39%).”  

Between identity sprawl and the complexity of the infrastructure, things start to fall between the identity management cracks, resulting in some of the best targets for hackers: dormant, leaver, or ownerless accounts.  

This risk can be addressed by more automated identity data hygiene and access governance—this is where RadiantOne AI is making a big impact this spring. 

Levelling Up Identity in 2024: Easy to Manage, Easy to Understand, Easy to Govern  

Our upcoming release applies the power of AI to identity, simplifying currently unwieldy processes and helping users to make more accurate decisions for user access reviews. With an intuitive, low-code/no-code user experience and cloud-native infrastructure available as a SaaS or self-managed deployment, RadiantOne Spring 2024 is easy to put in place in any organization.  

Our mission is to make identity data easy to connect, manage, and govern. This release brings unprecedented ease to building data flows, getting granular visibility across the distributed infrastructure, and remediating risk for complex organizations. 

AI Makes User Access Reviews Fun (Ok, as Much Fun as Governance Can Be) 

The tools used today to combat identity-related threats are not enough. Specifically, manual user access review processes are not only ineffective but also are a much-hated time-sink. Managers are made to certify access without relevant information, often via Excel spreadsheets. This exercise often ends in “rubber stamping” access without a true review based on accurate and current data, leaving the organization vulnerable to attack (and audit failure) through over-privileged and other inappropriate access. 

But what if you, as a business user doing access reviews, had a tiny data scientist in your pocket as you navigated the process, pointing out anomalies and digging up need-to-know context? Answering your questions in natural language, making suggestions about who should have what access, revoking access when you say so, raining down digital confetti when you’re done? That’s what AIDA, our AI Data Assistant can do. 

Not only does AIDA make reviews super fun, but you also get to make auditors happy. You keep your organization secure. And best of all, you can get back to your real job (woooo!). 

Nip Risk in the Bud with AIDA, our Generative AI Data Assistant for Identity 

Artificial Intelligence requires lots of high-quality data to be useful (bad data leads to bad decisions, too little data leads… also to bad decisions). What makes AIDA so great, beyond having a killer logo, is that it has access to enterprise-wide data and advanced analytics-based controls for identity data quality and risk. With RadiantOne, organizations build a one-stop shop for identity data, leveraged by AIDA to surface insights and make the most informed recommendations. 

RadiantOne cuts through identity complexity to deliver the insights and tools needed for effective access governance: 

  • Data availability 
  • Data quality 
  • Complete visibility (into users, accounts, attributes, entitlements) 
  • Risk insights and context 
  • Real-time remediation 
  • Remediation orchestration and tracking 

TL;DR: What’s New, Coming Spring 2024 

RadiantOne’s new spring release makes it easier than ever to automate complex identity management processes and streamline business operations while minimizing the identity-related attack surface.

  • We are bringing the power of AI to IAM—AI copilot-guided user access reviews increase accuracy of results for a more secure and compliant organization
  • RadiantOne goes fully cloud-native for even easier adoption at your organization using SaaS or self-managed Kubernetes-based deployment
  • A low-code/no-code interface with analysis and visualization capabilities makes it easy to connect, manage and govern identity data
  • Expanded visibility with the integration of technical resource data (servers, middleware, databases) helps to secure the IT infrastructure
  • Real-time remediation of access review findings streamlines operations and reduces time-to-fix

It’s an exciting time to be in identity…

For more information on how RadiantOne with AIDA can improve user access reviews, watch this webinar. Be sure to register for our upcoming webinar for a deeper dive into our spring release.

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