Access compliance automation is within reach with RadiantOne

Ensuring and proving that your access rights are compliant is essential in today’s world of cyber threat.



Access compliance: Why isn’t your IAM solution enough?

Comprehensive visibility of the identities and accesses within your systems is crucial in ensuring and demonstrating access rights compliance. And your IAM? It’s not keeping up.
  • Access rights managed outside of your IAM are not included in compliance processes
  • If your identity information is in another system, your IAM tool cannot grab the data
  • IAM solutions have limited monitoring, reporting and dashboarding capabilities
  • Using an IAM solution to know who is accessing what is virtually impossible

Maximize your IAM potential to enable compliance automation

Use compliance automation to increase your IAM solution's abilities to ensure proper access rights across your organization, with ease. This enables you to do more with less.
  1. Locate all identities not within your IAM solution
  2. Detect gaps between requested access and the current access a user has
  3. Easily and quickly launch access rights and role review campaigns
  4. Trigger corrective actions to resolve all of your detected problems
  5. Utilize ready-to-use reports that demonstrate access compliance

RadiantOne Identity Analytics for access compliance in the banking sector

A product that "can handle any type of IAM data and work alongside existing IGA tools. Our contacts were experts at providing us with quality support."


Unlock the potential of your identity analytics—enriched IAM solution.

Consolidate your data

Load and correlate all the identity information you have, no matter its source.

Monitor your identities

Continually uncover gaps in access compliance with regulatory standards such as SOX and SOC2.

Correct discrepancies

Automate the delivery of remediation actions to outside ticketing systems.

Demonstrate access compliance

Generate dashboards and time-stamped compliance reports for auditors.


Identity analytics is an invaluable asset to prove compliance

Enrich your IAM solution with an identity analytics component to analyze your access rights and identities and demonstrate compliance.

Automate the correlation and mapping of your data

Detect all identities and accesses in your information systems, whether or not they are managed by your IAM solution. Gain a better understanding of your access rights. Identify how their allocation is configured within your IAM solution and readjust, if necessary.


Automate theoretical access rights controls

Compare the theoretical rights present in your IAM with the actual access rights granted in your information systems.


The implementation of role modeling

Define relevant business roles, review their content, and analyze their configuration to ensure that your results are compliant.


Make your IAM tool a cornerstone of compliance automation

Sometimes your tools and systems let you down. Don’t let that happen! Bolster your IAM with Identity Analytics.