IAM analytics to automate governance and cut risk

Make identity and access decisions with confidence backed by identity analytics from Brainwave GRC.


Prevent breaches with a smart security autopilot

Identity Analytics helps you to understand who has access to what, who IS accessing what, and what they SHOULD have access to, so you can address your current and future risk.

Improved security and IT controls

Automate data quality and IT security controls, and increase engagement with risk-oriented dashboards.

Reduced IT complexity and administrative burden

Streamline and improve operations by automating user access review and reducing the volume of groups and roles.

Automated risk detection and remediation

Address gaps and risks faster with “smart” access requests and an automated access certification process.

Simplified compliance and increased efficiency

Reduce the burden of managing access rights and improve compliance with regulations through intuitive, automated reviews.

Advanced identity data analytics are playing a growing role in almost every area of IAM, making operations more risk-aware and automated.
-Gartner 2023 Planning Guide for IAM

Leave no room for exploitation with Identity Analytics

What do data cleanliness, compliance, and threat prevention have in common? They all come back to the identity data—and how well it’s managed.


Over-privileged accounts—no more

Data quality is crucial for making the correct access rights decisions. Today, there’s more data than can reasonably be managed by manual means—Identity Analytics automates data cleansing so you can get your data clean and keep it that way.
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Continuously detect compliance issues

Identify and close gaps by automating ITGC and Segregation of Duty (SoD) controls according to fraud risk, and trigger reviews based on changes. Analyze and remedy the causes of issues and demonstrate compliance by tracking all decisions.
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Take the pain out of access reviews

All the benefits—the right access to the right user—without the complaints. Set up automated access rights and deviation reviews to proactively correct gaps detected with both periodic and continuous review campaigns.
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Design roles to better control access

Defining roles that make sense within the business context requires identity insights. Identity Analytics helps to automate decision-making and provides recommendations for policy improvements that boost efficiency and enhance security.
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Identity Analytics, powered by Brainwave GRC

A Radiant Logic Company


Hundreds of integrations

Brainwave GRC offers pre-build connectors for all key systems, so plugging in is easy.


Explore our powerful platform

The RadiantOne components work together to meet all your identity data integration needs. Discover which capabilities will solve your toughest identity challenges.

  • Federated Identity

    Our powerhouse virtualization and abstraction layer unifies identity silos, providing a central application access point and unlimited virtual views of identity data, delivered at speed in just the right format.

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  • Universal Directory

    Modernize your identity infrastructure with Universal Directory, providing a new way of storing, searching, and discovering identity information. Enable elastic computing with the highly scalable, fault-tolerant, containerized solution for distributed identity storage.

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  • Global Synchronization

    One synchronization service to rule them all— on-prem, in the cloud, and across the clouds. Global Synchronization leverages bi-directional connectors to propagate identity data and keep it coherent across all systems.

  • SaaS Deployment

    Our SaaS offering is built to deploy quickly and streamline configuration, management, and upgrades—while carrying forward all of RadiantOne’s innovations in identity data management. Securely deliver identity data how and where it's needed, from your new cloud command center.


Identity insights galore—see how it’s done

Explore use cases, white papers, webinars and more to learn how to leverage your identity data to the max.


Radiant Logic Finalizes Acquisition of Brainwave GRC

Learn more about the joint company vision, which includes our industry-first identity data management approach.

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