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Respond to audit recommendations and automate controls and reviews to ensure that your company’s access rights are compliant, while empowering your first lines of defense.

Release the Power of Identity Analytics

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Data correlation helps identify:

  • Who works for the company
  • Who has access to what infrastructures, applications or data
  • Privileged accounts

Spot risky access with analytics-driven insights to control:

  • The presence of orphaned, blocked and leaver accounts plus over-allocated rights
  • Data quality issues such as unused elements
  • Segregation of Duties (SoD) as well as the organization’s overall security policies

Machine learning and data visualization help detect:

  • Risks linked to access rights
  • Residual access rights
  • Unusual situations and changes
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Automate review and campaign functions to:

  • Involve business managers in account and user access reviews
  • Easily manage campaigns with follow-up, re-assignment, delegation, notification and compliance reporting
  • Take advantage of efficient, intuitive, and accessible review interfaces
  • Save valuable time by simplifying the review process for all participants

Third-party interoperability facilitates remediation:

  • Implement user access review decisions based on your company’s change management process
  • Automatically reduce problems

Communicate with and empower the business teams

  • Create and publish analyses and dashboards
  • Provide specialized access to reviewersem—line managers and resource owners
  • Share information, reports and key performance indicators

Improve the quality of your identity data repositories

  • Reconcile identities and user accounts with automatic data correlation and enrichment
  • Designate the owners of your company’s assets to automate the review
  • Rank identities by risk level and resources by sensitivity level, and refine your review strategy to make it more effective
  • Define roles that fit your business context

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RadiantOne is a very efficient tool for security governance and operational teams… and it allowed us to quickly audit our assets

-IT Security & Risk Management Associate, Financial Sector

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