CIAM data management is key to higher revenue

Customer journeys span many platforms and devices. The best customer identity and access management solutions connect those dots to build relationships and create growth opportunities.



Consumer expectations are at an all-time high—and so is underlying identity complexity

Much of the customer journey involves digital tech, yet data’s stuck in disparate silos. Without the right data foundation, it’s hard to provide intelligent customer service due to:

  • Tons of customer data with no easy way of integrating and managing it
  • Heavy technical debt slowing CX projects and stretching time-to-market
  • Disjointed experiences moving between siloed digital environments
  • Consumer data is a tempting target for hackers and other cyber threats

Top 5 ways enhanced identity data management powers CIAM to deliver more rewarding relationships

CIAM success requires complete, unified views of every customer, drawn from all sources, so you can meet—and exceed—their expectations with ease.
  1. Automatically unify customer data from across many diverse sources.
  2. Create a 360° view of customers enriched by access to every attribute.
  3. Safeguard their data in a secure store with fine-grained privacy controls.
  4. Provide relevant offerings, services, and support—regardless of channel.
  5. Deliver at customer-speeds with our super-scalable unified ID platform.

See How This Global Fiserv Migrated Customer Identities to Amazon Web Services

“The team laid the groundwork for a successful C-level ‘cloud first’ initiative with an integrated, normalized version of identity data on AWS.” -Financial Services


Identify customers across diverse systems and services

Raise your relationship game and keep ‘em coming back. Give your CIAM tool everything it needs to truly know each customer and effortlessly enrich their experience.

Prep your environment for rapid CIAM deployment

Align your mobile and desktop experience (finally!) by knowing your customers better. Uncover every system where identity data resides to create connections and rapidly retrieve attributes.

Speed and enhance customer access with complete profiles

Consolidate fragmented identity data across systems and databases to build a 360° customer profile and deliver a consistent and engaging experience across desktop, web, and mobile applications, devices, and other touchpoints.

Deliver personalized services driven by customer identity data

Build those relationships! Recognize individual customers online, in-person, or over the phone. Then provide them with context-driven service and support based on their relationship history, preferences, and likely needs.

Maintain customer clarity and connection as you grow

Nurture and evolve those relationships. The identity data layer is always ready to receive new attributes, merge new profiles, and integrate new tech. So you can sustain service and deepen connections as your transformation evolves.

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The identity data management tools needed for supreme CIAM

Know your customers and how they relate to your company, products, services, and people with our intelligent Identity Data platform.

Build a one-stop-shop for identity data to speed customer initiatives

The process for integrating identity and designing complete, contextual views is made easy with RadiantOne’s tools. Wizards help you design views of data from a variety of sources, making integration across sources a straightforward point-and-click flow.


Instantly reflect updates across all systems

Customers want their preferences and data updated NOW—give them what they need and more with real-time, bi-directional synchronization for always up-to-date data.


Leverage context with integrated identity

Move beyond siloed identity to contextual views—pull in more information to get an even better understanding of how your users connect.


Don’t let identity challenges hold back your intelligent customer service goals

Discover how RadiantOne will become the foundation of your CIAM data management efforts.