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RadiantOne Identity Data Management

1-1 integration is the past. Identity data management is the NOW. Get contextual, dynamic, and consistent datano matter the sourcewith RadiantOne.

Unlock the Value in your Identity Data

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Integrate identity with our standards-based, vendor-neutral platform

  • Connect identity sources—legacy on-prem and cloud—to build a global IAM data catalog using point-and-click tools
  • Correlate and join to generate a complete user list with attribute-rich global profiles
  • No-code/low-code transformation logic to map and translate the data you have into the data you need



Deliver actionable data to consumers at speed, in the format required

  • Create unlimited virtual views of identity data unified across LDAP, SQL, REST, SCIM and Web Service APIs
  • Re-organize existing directory trees, easily extend views to reach additional backends or to meet new requirements
  • Make changes without disrupting existing systems and processes

Make identity a reliable, highly scalable resource to the organization

  • Scale to hundreds of millions of users, and elastically add servers to handle increased loads
  • Add resilience and speed to the infrastructure with our highly available identity service
  • Support change across the environment with automated near real-time refresh
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Automate management and transformation of identity data

  • Streamline user and group management
  • Rationalize group membership across data stores
  • Build dynamic groups to enable finer-grained controls and reduce administrative burden


Synchronize centrally across distributed sources

  • Maintain up-to-date status across identity stores with easy-to-configure, rules-based synchronization
  • Real-time and bi-directional, automated sync across every type of user store ensures coherence and data freshness



Accelerate operations with a flexible identity data layer

  • Simplify the management of identity data across the distributed infrastructure
  • Enable adoption of best security practices
  • Speed time-to-value for identity projects
  • Support new initiatives infinitely


Improve security with more granular control of identity

  • Enable contextual controls with clean, up-to-date identity data 
  • Gain visibility into users, access, and entitlements to enable a least-privilege approach 
  • Supply security endpoints the data required to make risk-informed decisions

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RadiantOne is a better & faster way to integrate identity for digital transformation 

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Discover the best way to manage and deliver identity data management

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