Govern privileged access with confidence with CyberArk integration

Adopt a privileged account governance strategy by integrating CyberArk with RadiantOne to add visibility and control to your PAM deployment.


Go beyond management to governance with RadiantOne and CyberArk integration

CyberArk is the privileged access manager—and it needs to be monitored to ensure security and prove compliance. Enter RadiantOne’s advanced analytics.

Increase credential security, improve compliance via automated controls and reporting, and prevent permission drift with data cleansing and unusual change alerts.

  • Show who has access to safes and credentials and how they got it
  • Provide visibility into anomalies such as duplicate credentials and empty safes
  • Reduce unnecessary cost due to unused licenses
  • Monitor and analyze configuration changes and their impact on CyberArk assets

PAM solutions struggle to show who has access to safes and credentials and how they got it. The same goes for visibility into anomalies such as increased access to critical safes and non-IT administrators of systems in production.

  • Privileged accounts are frequently targeted by cyber criminals and represent a high risk
  • Lack of automation of continuous access control for privileged accounts
  • Difficulty identifying and controlling privileged accounts due to infrastructure complexity
  • Cumbersome processes for demonstrating compliance

Govern privileged access with advanced analytics

Protect critical infrastructures and verify compliance of privileged accounts with RadiantOne.

Understand how RadiantOne and CyberArk integration can let you govern privileged access better.

Streamline the administration and control of privileged access to gain visibility into your CyberArk PAM solution. Uncover the lifecycle of who has access to safes and secrets, if that access has significantly increased recently, and if non-IT admins have access to this sensitive information when they should not.


How RadiantOne and CyberArk integrations enhance privileged access control

What does RadiantOne bring to your CyberArk deployment?

Do you have an inventory of privileged accounts?

Build a lifecycle matrix of users and their privileged access to safes and vaults.

How do you check that privileged access is assigned to the right people?

Automate continued access control and provide visibility to privileged accounts.

Are you able to track the activity associated with your privileged access?

Detect unusual changes in the CyberArk configuration.

Are you able to demonstrate compliance?

Streamline reporting and share governance progress with dashboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does RadiantOne improve my CyberArk deployment?

RadiantOne controls operations on the privileged access level by: 

  • Continually automating data collection and consolidation from different infrastructures (Unix, Linux and Windows servers, networks components, etc.)
  • Continually automating data collection and consolidation from Privileged Access Management solutions
  • Automating general IT and data quality controls related to access of IT infrastructure components
  • Offering a consolidated view and governance of privileged accounts
  • Providing dashboards and standard, customizable reports, adapted to the needs of the PAM Manager team

2. How does RadiantOne simplify day-to-day administration of CyberArk?

  • Reduces investigation time by identifying all unusual activity and suggests the best remediations
  • Eliminates dormant and departed users and users without access rights to optimize usage of CyberArk
  • Makes it easy for safe owners to see who has access to their safes and any related control defects
  • Monitors the PAM program and the number of credentials
  • Maintains a high level of data quality with automatic detection of issues

3. How does RadiantOne and CyberArk integration help ensure regulatory compliance?

Automating a CyberArk access control plan helps to comply with regulations (such as ISO27001, PCIDSS, SOX, etc.) and reduces risk linked to CyberArk access. It’s imperative to know who has access to what resource, how it was assigned and if it is legitimate, especially when dealing with the sensitive permissions linked to privileged accounts. In the case of CyberArk, knowing who has access to safes and credentials is critical, as well as knowing if that access was granted as part of group membership and if there is any sudden surge in the number of accounts having access to this sensitive data. 


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