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Improve your IGA Platform with data-driven governance

Strong governance depends on accessing the right data. Get Governance that works with our identity data platform.



Without reliable access to identity data, your IGA platform will fall short

In order to perform the role of ensuring that the right identities have the right access rights, your governance solution needs access to data from across all aspects of your organization. This can be a major sticking point for IGA projects.
  • Identity is a primary attack surface, made possible by overprivileged accounts
  • Legacy apps are often difficult to integrate into your IGA solution
  • IGA thrives with a central system of record—hard to do in a siloed environment
  • Full suite IGA is heavyweight, costly, and takes years to fully deploy
How about some governance that works?

Upgrade your IGA platform to operationally mature IGA

Identity governance needs to be reinvented based on minimal hassle and maximum insight. Radiant Logic combines expertise in data with market-leading analytics for a new approach to IGA.
  1. Govern access rights according to least privilege
  2. Minimize time-to-insight with data observability
  3. Radically simplify access reviews with easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces
  4. Base policy decisions on accurate, integrated user data
  5. Automate data quality and IT security controls to uncover identity anomalies

Gartner Research

“Those organizations that have fully adopted and implemented AI/ML-based IGA analytics will see their access administration and governance costs 50% lower than their peers”


Base your IGA approach on data management best practices

Leverage RadiantOne’s breadth of data access for the most accurate policy decisions and discover the option for IGA light that works for your specific use case

Automate user access reviews

Scrutinize user access rights, launch reviews in just a few clicks and prompt corrective actions through integration with ITSM tools. You can easily involve business stakeholders with intuitive, wizard-driven processes.

Control risk and improve data quality

Identify discrepancies and clean the data you use to govern and secure user access. Our platform automates these processes, keeping human error to a minimum while providing reporting and audit-friendly features requested by identity-focused teams.

Prevent internal fraud with segregation of duty (SoD) controls

Ensure that you stay compliant and enforce best practices with segregation of duty matrices. Take a global, cross-application approach to identify discrepancies and easily make changes.

Increase visibility with observability

Build visibility into identities, accounts and groups in real-time. Make better decisions thanks to an ITGC dashboard to save time and reduce risk.

See what we can do

RadiantOne can radically simplify your IGA platform—let us show you how.


Experience the industry’s only data-driven governance solution

The RadiantOne Identity Data Platform was purpose-built to make IGA a whole lot easier. Meet a new way of managing identity with identity data + analytics.

Access, entitlements, and risk mitigation insights powered by RadiantOne

Trust the identity data experts for efficient identity management. RadiantOne's data-driven insights, risk profiles, and remediation recommendations simplify governance, saving you time, money, and hassle with our unique approach.


We live for identity data

Identity Data Management seamlessly blends identity unification, storage, and synchronization to make identity data an asset for your organization.

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Identify risks with Identity Analytics

RadiantOne gives you automated risk detection, simplified access reviews, and data-based recommendations—all delivered in a simple business-friendly interface.

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