Zero Trust Architecture relies on high quality identity data

See how our Identity Data Platform lays the groundwork for successful Zero Trust initiatives.



Is your identity a security enabler or a risk vector?

Sophisticated data breaches highlight the need to protect enterprise systems and data. From the Fortune 1000 to federal agencies, sizable organizations are looking to the Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) model.

  • Zero Trust relies on unified attributes to enable progressive disclosure
  • Identity data must be authoritative and immediately available for ZTA
  • Sizable organizations face extreme identity complexity and fragmentation
  • A global view of identity is difficult to deliver, slowing Zero Trust initiatives

Enable Zero Trust using your existing identity infrastructure

Identity is the new perimeter, but today's complex infrastructures must consolidate and transform data to battle breaches. Only Radiant delivers the foundation for Zero Trust.
  1. Combat complexity and lay the unified identity foundation for Zero Trust
  2. Build your identity unification platform to enable strict Zero Trust verification
  3. Deliver a single source of truth to drive policy decisions and user experience
  4. Quickly enable the secure progressive disclosures that define successful ZTA
  5. Add key context to all your identity for finer-grained authorization decisions

Radiant Logic Participates in NIST NCCoE Zero Trust Architecture Project

“In complex architectures, a ZTA requires an identity data foundation that bridges legacy systems and cloud technologies, and that extends beyond legacy Active Directory domains.”


Get your identity ready for the emerging Zero Trust world

Whether you’re an early adopter or waiting to jump into the Zero Trust universe, RadiantOne helps get your identity in order, so you can take advantage of key imperatives with ease.

Seamlessly navigate identity and its growing volume and velocity

Life comes at us fast these days. As we add a world of new IoTs and user types, identity is becoming even more complicated to manage and secure. Protect increasing amounts of data—wherever your users and devices are—with RadiantOne.

Armor your infrastructure by adding identity flexibility

Infuse agility into your underlying identity. Our flexible framework delivers tailored views of your infrastructure, making it fast and easy to shuffle users around as needed for a more secure system. No brittle hard-coding needed!

Reduce regulatory risk by safeguarding identity

Stringent privacy regulations and steep fines if you fail mean you and your team must achieve flawless compliance, or pay the price. The same platform that enables progressive disclosure for Zero Trust also makes it easy to get—and stay!—compliant.

Collaborate seamlessly and securely beyond just the network perimeter

Remote work is now a way of life and delivering secure access to resources, tools, and business connections has become the new imperative. Our flexible, future-state identity service secures remote and collaborative work outside the network.

NIST selects Radiant Logic for ZTA

Learn why Radiant Logic makes Zero Trust doable.


Zero Trust needs a unified source of identity

RadiantOne connects all relevant data points for each user, creating a high-resolution picture of identity and driving success for every identity initiative.

Integrate identity across all stores and build context-driven data views

Zero Trust Architecture requires attribute-rich user profiles kept up-to-date in near real-time. With our intuitive tools, you can build the identity data pipeline required to implement Zero Trust via a point-and-click process.


Integrate complex systems to streamline Zero Trust

When the task of integrating disparate sources seems impossible, get the “big dog.” There’s no such thing as too complex for RadiantOne.


Get the visibility you need to secure the organization

Easily see everything your users have access to, how they got that access, and what they HAVE accessed—to make risk-informed decisions.


Zero Trust, identity management, and more—we’ve got you covered

RadiantOne unifies identity across disparate stores, extending your investments, enhancing your security, and ensuring your success with Zero Trust.