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Radiant Logic offers premium technical support so customers can get up and running fast, and without headaches. Our Support team will ensure you can use, manage, and troubleshoot the RadiantOne Platform quickly and effortlessly. Our platform is awesome and we want you to be able to fully leverage it!

Specialized Support Offerings

Get the right level of support to meet your business needs. RadiantOne offers world-class support and a specialized customer experience team.

Tailored Advisory Services

Tap into our 20+ years of identity expertise to uncover the optimal approach to solving your organizational challenges and turning your identity data into a powerful resource.

Premium Integration Services

Breaking down identity siloes isn’t for the faint-hearted—and it consumes valuable time and resources. Let us help tackle the setup and maintenance of your platform.

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A top notch company with well documented and efficient processes. The install was easy with the install scripts that were provided. Any time there were questions the support team was knowledgeable and timely in their responses.
-Lead Info Security Analyst in Finance

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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Submit and track tickets easily, or find answers to common questions via our customer portal.

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Search our knowledgebase for the latest tips & tricks

Read the latest release notes, deployment guides, integration tips, and more. Our extensive documentation provides quick and easy self-service.

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Get the right level of support to meet your needs

Integration support, implementation resources, ongoing tickets, phone support, health checks, and more. Pick the level of support to best suit your organizational needs, or design a custom solution.

  • Access our customer portal to create and manage cases or find the latest product documentation or technical content
  • Always be ahead of the curve with release notes, upgrade information, FAQs and more—all at your fingertips
  • Let our identity experts be your guide. Get personalized support above and beyond our awesome tiered offerings

Configure once, use everywhere. Let us do the work.

Get the Radiant Logic support you need to succeed. Check out our integrations and let our experts handle all your identity challenges. Need a hand? Our Professional Services programs are here to help you achieve your goals; browse our packages for your perfect solution.

Powerful Integrations: Where Tools and Data Unite

For over 20 years, large organizations have chosen us for our integration expertise. At RadiantOne, we excel at connecting the dots, empowering you to leverage identity data wherever it's required.

Quick Start Identity Data Platform - New Customers

Get started with the RadiantOne Platform quickly, and learn how to leverage it for compliance, risk reduction, control automation, and identity analytics.

Quick Start Identity Analytics - Existing Customers

Launch RadiantOne Identity Analytics quickly to strengthen governance, risk, compliance, and identity analytics capabilities.

Quick Start Identity Analytics - New Customers

Discover how RadiantOne Identity Analytics can drive value in just 3 weeks through this showcase of its capabilities.

Quick Start Identity Data Management - New Customers

Our Quick Start Identity Data Management package unlocks value from our solution in just 2 weeks. See the platform's capabilities with a limited set of backends/data sources.

Quick Start SaaS Identity Data Management

The Quick Start SaaS Identity Data Management Package will show how you can derive value in just three weeks for a rapid ROI.

Quick Start SaaS Identity Analytics

The Quick Start SaaS Identity Analytics Package demonstrates how you can achieve value in just nine weeks, ensuring a swift ROI.

Identity Data Management - Upgrade (7.2x to 7.4x)

Learn how we can provide services for planning and executing your RadiantOne upgrades from Identity Data Management 7.2x to 7.4x.

Identity Data Management - Upgrade (7.3x to 7.4x)

Discover how Radiant can provide services for planning and executing customer upgrades from Identity Data Management 7.3x to 7.4x.

Identity Data Management - Healthcheck

The Identity Data Management Healthcheck package provides a thorough review and recommendations for production environments before going live or making significant changes.

Identity Data Management - High-Level Architectural Review

Discover our technical consulting services for architecture, server sizing, and RadiantOne Identity Data Management integration best practices.

Radiant Resident Engineer

Hire dedicated engineer(s) for 6 months to boost RadiantOne adoption, improve service delivery, and reduce costs for better business outcomes.

Interception Script Review

Discover how Radiant offers up to 40 hours of consulting on Java APIs, Logging, and Security, providing best practices and recommendations.

ODSEE Replacement Package

Discover how our services can replace ODSEE with the RadiantOne solution.


Become an expert on the RadiantOne platform

FID Level 1
FID Level 2
Global Sync

Become a RadiantOne certified pro via instructor-led programs

Our programs provide practical experience in an instructor-led classroom, so you have the knowledge to succeed in all phases of deployment and ongoing usage.


Take courses at your own pace via our self-paced learning program

The curriculum offers an introduction to common use cases including how to deploy, monitor, and administer RadiantOne–at your own pace.


Find documents to implement and troubleshoot RadiantOne

Our extensive documentation provides answers and guides for all aspects of RadiantOne including APIs, hardware sizing, AWS and Azure configuration and more.

RadiantOne Documentation

Understand detailed requirements for system setup and configuration including: minimum system requirements, cloud installation, nodes and clusters, data migration, cache management, patching in production environments, and day-to-day platform maintenance.

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RadiantOne Developer Site

See how you can leverage RadiantOne further using our growing developer resource catalogue.

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RadiantOne Release Notes

Access the library of release notes that detail improvements and fixes for RadiantOne.

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