Identity correlation is the key to identity integration

Connect, abstract, correlate and contextualize identity data with RadiantOne’s patented identity unification technology.


Identity sprawl creates enterprise technical debt

The more identities and sources in your infrastructure, the more difficult it is to manage and secure access as you grow.

  • No single point of access

  • Possible identity duplication

  • Loads of customization and maintenance

Create a single pane of glass with RadiantOne

  • Build infinitely flexible views of your data
  • Swiftly connect and deploy new apps
  • Shield applications from identity complexity

See how the RadiantOne platform unifies identities

Model-driven virtualization makes identity correlation a lightweight, point-and-click exercise.

Unlimited virtual views of identity data

Unify identities across an array of protocols and standards, include cloud and multi-cloud environments.

Intelligent caching for speed and resilience

Our persistent cache means that there’s essentially no limit to the volume of identity data you can store, access, and modify at the speed of a directory.

Build an entitlement catalog with cross-entity attributes

Join attributes from distributed sources to enforce smarter, more granular access policies.

Advanced correlation–even without an identifier

Create a common identifier to link accounts across sources, reconcile duplicates, and identify rogue or orphan accounts.

“Our goal was to stop copying data—and Radiant let us do that.”

RadiantOne Core Components

The only complete identity integration solution

Give us your toughest integration challenges. We can’t wait to show you the core Radiant components that'll fix it.

Unify data with our Federated Identity solution

Design views of data using wizards from a variety of sources, making unification a straightforward flow.

Modernize your infrastructure with Universal Directory

Enable elastic computing with Universal Directory, the fault-tolerant, containerized solution for distributed storage.

Global Synchronization across your ecosystem

Implement bi-directional, real-time synchronization across legacy and cloud systems.

The product is pivotal in helping us to address the various islands of identity as we plan to rationalize the numbers and types of legacy on premises directory services.
-Senior IT Architect in Energy & Utilities

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We work with who you want to work with

RadiantOne integrates with all standard protocols, applications, and IAM tools. Let’s put your identity picture together.


Learn how to bring your identity data together

Achieving identity unification through intelligent integration starts here. See what our customers, analysts, and thought leaders have to say.

RadiantOne makes your unified identity data accessible, reusable, and scalable

RadiantOne Identity Data Platform is the best-in-class solution in the identity unification category. Our platform creates a unified, reusable resource for your entire identity fabric.

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“Great and powerful solutions to simplify and harmonize multiple directories”

-Sr. Manager ID Mgmt Operations, Manufacturing Industry

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