IAM maturity starts with Identity Integration

Our model-driven identity integration and storage solution unifies your data silos to build a reusable, flexible identity platform.


Identity data becomes an on-demand resource across the organization  

Take the pain out of identity integration. Streamline identity chaos to enable an immediate response to new initiatives—now offered on-prem or via a fully-managed SaaS offering.

Accelerate timetovalue while reducing costs

Implement an identity data management solution that provides a central access point for all applications—for quick, risk-free deployments.

Modernize and future-proof your infrastructure

Leverage your existing infrastructure to create a data layer that supports current identity needs and adapts quickly to future requirements.

Stop copying data and overcome identity data siloes

Integration leaves data where it is—while enabling you to add new applications and users to your infrastructure without disruption.

Adopt best practices in security and compliance

Accelerate modernization of the IAM system and enable deployment of the newest cybersecurity capabilities and processes.

Radiant Logic gives us all the functionality that we need, all the tools and capabilities necessary to engage in a substantial digital transformation.
–Principal IAM Architect

Integration—FKA Federated Identity—vastly simplifies identity

The artist formerly known as Federated Identity (now we just call her Integration) pulls the threads of identity data into a functional fabric with advanced features built for the toughest identity challenges.

Intelligent Integration

Model-driven virtualization drives smarter integration

Build a master index of all identities from across the organization. RadiantOne’s advanced correlation and joining process leverages metadata extracted from across silos to deliver a complete and enriched view of all users in a single, logical location.
Infinite Flexibility

Design multiple tailored identity views

Create unlimited views of identity to match application needs without modifying existing systems. RadiantOne’s Integration extracts and remaps data models from sources to build data pipelines that meet new requirements, infinitely.
Scale, Speed, Reliability

Guaranteed data delivery at high speed

RadiantOne’s fully indexed image of unified data is automatically updated in near real-time to create an always on, always up-to-date persistent cache. This stored data is available even in the event of a failure in an underlying source.
Dynamic Groups

Build and modify groups automatically

RadiantOne delivers dynamic group membership—instead of manually assigning users into groups, flexibly create groups and define membership across diverse stores. Better visibility enables fine-grained access control with much less time and effort.

RadiantOne's Identity Integration revs up ROI

Discover the Total Economic Impact™ of Radiant Logic for yourself.


We love to play nice

We were born to connect. RadiantOne integrates with other tools, on-prem and in the cloud.


Leading the way for over 20 years

RadiantOne is deployed in more than half of the Fortune 50.

of the Top Retail Companies
Use RadiantOne
Radiant Logic allowed us to quickly create a single point of aggregation for Day 1 user access after the merger.
-IAM Executive, Pharmaceutical Chain
Radiant Results: 4x Cost Savings, 8x Faster
Radiant helped us merge subsidiaries and future proof our business, without disruption. In 1 month’s time we had deployed at a quarter of our estimated cost.
-IAM Executive, Global Entertainment Park

Explore the rest of RadiantOne’s awesome platform

RadiantOne’s components work together to meet your IAM requirements. See how Identity Data Management and Identity Analytics can elevate your identity game.

  • Directory

    Modernize your identity infrastructure with our Directory, providing a new way of storing, searching, and discovering identity information. Enable elastic computing with the highly scalable, fault-tolerant, containerized solution for distributed identity storage.

    Learn more
  • Synchronization

    One synchronization service to rule them all—on-prem, in the cloud, and across the clouds. RadiantOne Synchronization leverages bi-directional connectors to propagate identity data and keep it coherent across all systems.

  • Observability

    Gain visibility into identity data quality and the efficiency of your identity system. Identity Observability delivers meaningful, actionable insights, enabling the evaluation of risks by automatically uncovering outliers and over-privileged accounts.

    Learn More
  • Governance

    Get data-driven governance with automated user access reviews, intuitive risk scoring, and more. RadiantOne’s Governance offering is driven by Identity Analytics to fill gaps for existing systems, or mitigate risk as a standalone solution.

    Learn More
  • Compliance

    Get visibility into users and their entitlements, and leverage analytics to determine how well or poorly they conform to Segregation of Duties controls, to simplify compliance and mitigate risk of internal threats.


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