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Drives IAM decisions

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Identity and access data directly impacts IAM capability effectiveness, but most organizations struggle with data availability and quality.

To quality data that IAM tools require

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Through 2026, organizations that adopt leading data management practices in support of their IAM program will realize 40% improvement in time-to-value delivery for key IAM program objectives than their peers.

Increase in efficiency

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Radiant Logic reduces technical debt, improves security posture, enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, and accelerates time-to-value.
-Forrester Total Economic Impact

Lower costs for orgs that use AI-ML based analytics

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Those organizations that have fully adopted and implemented AI/ML-based IGA analytics will see their access administration and governance costs 50% lower than their peers.

Concern of CISOs is maturity

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CISOs and technology leaders at financial service firms can utilize Radiant to achieve transformational zero trust outcomes, dramatically improved visibility into anomalous behavior, and meaningful operational efficiencies.
-Datos Insights

Tech Debt with IAM Data

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Siloed tools must be addressed at the IAM data and control planes, using virtualization and making IAM tools interoperable.
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Identity governance doesn’t have to be hard

An intelligent, modern approach to identity governance can reduce the sticking points and enable stronger security decisions. See what Gartner recommends for organizations considering an IGA solution.

  • 50% of IGA deployments are in distress
  • Access to high-quality data is a neccesstiy for IGA tools to function
  • Complete data enables informed decisions at admin-time, run-time, and audit-time
  • Lower costs and boost time-to-value with advanced analytics
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Learn what identity management can draw from the data world

Identity is the new perimeter, but today's complex infrastructures must consolidate and transform data to battle breaches. Only Radiant Logic delivers the foundation for Zero Trust.
  1. IAM depends on accurate data—but most IAM technologies do not have data management capabilities
  2. It’s not enough to rely on the data management capabilities of IAM technology vendors
  3. Data integration challenges can dramatically slow time-to-value for IAM
  4. IAM leaders should prioritize identity data observability and discovery
  5. The first step is to start with data design and cataloging



Identity Data Fuels Decision Making—Help it Power Yours

"Identity and access data directly impacts IAM capability effectiveness, but most organizations struggle with data availability and quality."

4 Steps to Improve IAM Capabilities
Gartner Report

Work together with data security for stronger IAM 

Data management and IAM have a lot to learn from each other. This report addresses how they can collaborate to solve some of the most challenging aspects of identity and security in the enterprise. 

  • Lack of data expertise creates a drag on IAM control and effectiveness
  • More complex or regulated organizations have an even greater need for data management
  • Applying the VIA model—visibility, intelligence, and action—can accelerate data quality improvements
  • Data practices will boost time-to-value by 40% for IAM and data security program objectives


IAM + Data Security Solve Challenges


The proof is in the 239% ROI

What could your organization do with $20.3 million saved?

Forrester Research found that customers use Radiant Logic to save money, boost time-to-value, and dramatically reduce the risk of breaches.


Dive into analyst coverage of Radiant Logic

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