Automate your user access reviews to save time and cut costs

Implement a user access review solution to meet the challenges of compliance, security, and efficiency for rights and permissions.



Have you thought about automating your user access reviews?

While the user access review has clearly become an essential control function, its execution is less than fun. As a result, many organizations struggle to:

  • Demonstrate compliance and security
  • Implement an effective review strategy and methodology
  • Identify exactly who has access to what, when, how, and why
  • Increase team participation and complete campaigns on time
Imagine UAR Automation—Enhanced with AI

Revolutionize your approach to access reviews by automating your campaigns

Utilize an automated review process to facilitate the execution of your reviews, configure and plan your campaigns, and refine your analyses in order to:
  1. Prove the compliance and security of your access rights with ease
  2. Streamline your review process and easily monitor every phase
  3. Map access and identity chains quickly
  4. Involve the necessary business teams in the exercise for effective results
  5. Easily produce compliance reports and trigger corrective actions

ADP has Taken the Plunge into Automation—Why Not You?

Reviewing access rights may have a reputation for being boring and time-consuming, but it can be a quick and efficient exercise. Find out how in this testimonial.

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Automate your user access reviews in four easy steps

Data Consolidation

No matter the source, load all the data you have.

Data Correlation and Analysis

Take advantage of 360° visibility and maximize your analytic capabilities.

Campaign Execution

Easily set up and launch reviews to ensure the right people get the right permissions.

Corrective Actions

Remediate discrepancies by automatically sending corrective actions to ITSM systems.


Optimize your user access reviews with the power of identity analytics

Streamline your user access reviews with analytics-driven visibility and efficiency from a solution that provides powerful correlation and automation capabilities.

Automation is the answer for access rights security and compliance

Many organizations see access reviews as a way of proving conformity to regulatory compliance standards—but they can also be a way to protect and secure these rights. Automate your campaigns to improve security in addition to passing audits.

Get automated

Getting to the heart of identity and access governance

Ingest, correlate, analyze and map access rights within your information system with our point-and-click tools.


Review user access rights to reduce risk

Identify changes, detect atypical situations and resolve SoD problems related to new hires, departed employees, and internal staffing changes.


Make automated user access reviews the cornerstone of your cyber strategy

Looking to combine access security and compliance? Find out how to set up the proper governance of your access rights and identities.