User Access Reviews at Lightning Speed with AI 

Still manually performing your user access reviews for compliance, security or regulatory purposes? Learn how to advance your UAR with automated processes and how you can leverage AI features for lightning speed. 

  • February 13, 2023
  • 29 Minutes
  • On-Demand Webinar

User Access Reviews at Lightning Speed with AI

Watch Radiant Logic’s Khadija El Afrit and Leanne Debeurre to learn how user access review automation–and upcoming AI technology–is going to turn this usually tedious exercise into a walk in the park. 

No more endless spreadsheets and email trails that last for weeks. Your reviewers will breeze through our platform based on the extensive analytics of all your identity data, no matter where it lives in your information systems. Bulk approval, suggested remediation and PDF reports: we provide it all, including drill-down access to every detail of every identity. And with RadiantOne’s new AIDA co-pilot, you have a guide to make the process even more efficient. 

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • The importance of user access reviews and what type of access, permissions or accounts should be reviewed on a regular basis
  • Issues linked to user access reviews and why those performing them cringe at the thought
  • How to save time and money savings on user access reviews, reduce cyber risk, and demonstrate compliance, all at the same time



Khadija El Afrit

Sr. Technical Enablement Specialist

As a cybersecurity senior consultant, Khadiga El Afrit contributes to IAM, IAG and Data Protection projects for major corporations & institutions. She especially focuses on understanding their business & organizational context, in order to help them choose the solutions that are most suited to them.

Leanne Debeurre

Product Marketing Manager

Leanne Debeurre is an internationally experienced Product Marketing professional with an extensive comprehension of today’s global business challenges and their solutions.

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