Unlock potential in your IAM tools and services

Identity and Access Management success relies on the quality and availability of the identity data you are able to deliver to your chosen solution.



Inaccessible identity data leaves gaps in your IAM solution

Shifting IT teams, disparate legacy stores, and poor offboarding practices make identity data difficult to unify. Adding an IAM tool on top of this data mess can really slow your operational roll.

  • Hard-coding between sources, apps, and access points is a sunk cost
  • Lack of granular control leaves holes in your security and boosts risk
  • Poor access and experience leads to lost revenue—and fewer customers!
  • Slowed access for employees creates frustration and loss of productivity



Get a reliable source of unified identity with unmatched visibility and control for IAM tools

Identity data is the key to securing all your most essential activities. Get it right and elevate every aspect of your business, get it wrong and face years of costly course-correcting.
  1. Improve user experience with seamlessly secure and friction-free access
  2. Achieve secure SSO to shared applications for all users across subsidiaries
  3. Get granular insight into access privileges across all user accounts
  4. Boost the performance of your IDaaS solution
  5. Streamline internal processes with readily available and accurate data

See How a Global Food Chain Deployed Single Sign-On

“With all these data sources to consider, their goal of providing secure access to corporate applications, along with single sign-on to all of their employees—corporate and franchise—seemed unattainable.”


Optimize IAM services with unified identity data

As organizations grow and more applications are onboarded, having an up-to-date unified identity data foundation is increasingly essential for streamlined sign-ons.


Quickly integrate new applications with your Single Sign-On solution

Every application has different access requirements; without costly customizations, most SSO solutions fail. RadiantOne allows you to plug and play any application while maintaining a reliable SSO solution, no matter the requirements.

Seamlessly correlate identities across the entire organization

Deliver up-to-date identity data that’s a true reflection of the attributes in your system. RadiantOne correlates identities across disparate stores to create a global picture of users—so you can trust the data used for authentication.

Give your users frictionless access to the correct applications

Minimize the downtime for users to securely access key applications. Speeding the process reduces employee frustration while improving work processes and delivering the kind of ease and experience that keeps your customers coming back.

Drastically reduce access risks with identity unification

Keep your systems secure and always know who’s accessing what with a global view of all your identity data from across diverse sources—even in the face of identity sprawl, disparate legacy systems, and hybrid or multi-cloud deployments.

You’ve got IAM on your mind—how about ZTA?

Learn why NIST recommends Radiant Logic’s Identity Data Fabric to power ZTA.


Feed IAM tools up-to-the-second accurate identity data

IAM success relies heavily on the accuracy and availability of the identity data you’re able to deliver to your chosen solution.

The unified identity data your IAM Solution needs

Every organization stores identity data and requires some form of authorization and authentication, but what makes IAM successful? A unified Identity Data Fabric will ensure your program is accessible, reusable, and scalable.


Reduce access-related risk

Gain visibility into all identity data and access privileges in your system, with the granular control to make needed changes.


Do IAM faster and better

Whether you're onboarding new applications, managing groups, or addressing individual inquiries, RadiantOne gets it all done—at the speed of business.


Get started on the RadiantOne Identity Data Platform

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