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Revolutionize the way you manage, visualize and govern identity data

We harness the technological power of generative AI to add lightning speed to your current processes and workflows around identity and access management, governance and compliance. Nip cyber risk in the bud and keep your organizational resources safe and sound. 

RadiantOne AI introduces AIDA, your AI Data Assistant, to guide you through different data-related IAM and IGA processes, starting with user access reviews. AIDA learns, visualizes and understands the identity access data and the correlation of its attributes across the company. From users to accounts, groups and permissions, AIDA will assist in uncovering who has access to what—and if this access is legitimate. Risky situations will be highlighted, and remediation actions proposed. You will be just one click away from making the best and most informed decisions regarding identity access within your organization with your virtual assistant, AIDA. 


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See how our gen-AI data assistant, AIDA, can be a game-changer for the reviewers of user access at your company.

What does AIDA do?

Our first trick: de-mystifying user access reviews

AIDA takes reviewers by the hand through the review process, directing their attention to anomalies and key information so they can make good decisions. 

Where do I start?

Ask AIDA what to look at first. AIDA can direct your review step-by-step and help you focus on top priorities to address risk effectively.

What am I looking at?

Ask AIDA for clarity. This guided, human-language experience highlights potential risks and provides insights to help you make decisions with confidence.

What should I do next?

AIDA will suggest remediations, informed by our comprehensive data model leveraging over 150 control points related to your internal security policies.

Do it for me!

Not only does AIDA suggest remediations, it can also take action (under your supervision) such as revoking access, minimizing time-to-fix.


Our AI copilot for IGA: A radically easy way to navigate identity

AIDA RadiantOne AI Data Assistant icon

It’s what you might call a no-brainer. AIDA can see into every layer of the access chain to find and alert reviewers to identity and access rights anomalies and then propose remediation.

More reviews done with more accuracy—in a fraction of the time

AIDA uses advanced analytics to gain insights into your identity system, enabling reviewers to make secure access decisions with confidence. Natural language interaction simplifies and facilitates effective access governance.


Identify and address over-privileged, dormant and leaver accounts faster than ever

With AIDA, administrators don’t need to search for and click through each individual account to determine whether access should be revoked or maintained. AIDA fetches all the data needed for the reviewer to make informed decisionsfor less time wasted and more secure access. 

Get answers to questions you hadn’t even thought of

You don’t need to be an expert to get to the bottom of access rights. AIDA enables anyone to hit the ground running, maximizing ROI for the access review process. Drive the review yourself or let AIDA’s suggestions take you through each and every step. 

Deep dive into anomalies or issues with straightforward explanations 

AIDA will do the heavy lifting—it discovers and analyzes atypical rights to present the reviewer with potential explanations for their origin. The reviewer gets the complete picture and can make the right call on access-based decisions.

Frequently asked questions

1. How does RadiantOne Artificial Intelligence work?

At the core of the RadiantOne platform is our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology. AI enables our platform to deliver identity intelligence, helping our customers make informed decisions, faster. The RadiantOne AI Data Assistant, AIDA, is a GenAI assistant for IAM. Leveraging RadiantOne’s complete data and relationship model, AIDA can see into every layer of the access chain to find and alert reviewers to any access rights issues, which can then be automatically remediated with the reviewer’s approval. AIDA will help you govern better, faster, stronger, all from a user-friendly chat interface.

2. How can RadiantOne's Generative AI Data Assistant, AIDA, help me?

Our AI Data Assistant AIDA dramatically reduces time spent learning, so you and your team can get started, and get through reviews faster—while ensuring the security and compliance of user access within your organization. We expect an additional time savings of 50% with AIDA, on top of the 90% time savings organizations can realize from automating user access reviews with Identity Analytics.

3. What makes RadiantOne's AIDA unique in the market?

AIDA is much more than a question-and-answer AI feature. It is built with knowledge-enhanced integration and is able to drive the user interface, changing and adapting the screens as needed. This means that for user access reviews, AIDA will act as a virtual expert all along the review process to help reviewers be more efficient and make informed decisions. This tight integration of AI into Identity Governance has never before been achieved.


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