IAM Copilot

What is the IAM copilot?  

IAM copilot is an identity and access intelligence capability that can be integrated into IAM processes and infrastructure. It automates complex IAM tasks and offers a user-friendly experience through natural language interaction with IAM systems. GenAI, a generative AI technology, enables the implementation of IAM copilot features and requires addressing various factors such as security, privacy, reliability, explainability, and scalability. IAM copilot enhances efficiency and user experience in IAM operations. 

What can we use the IAM copilot for? 

IAM Copilot is primarily used to streamline and automate Identity and Access Management (IAM) operations. Its integration substantially increases efficiency by automating complex IAM tasks that are typically time-consuming and prone to human error. Its ability to interact through natural language significantly enhances user experience, making it easier for individuals to navigate IAM systems. It also supports security measures by aiding in the detection and prevention of unauthorized access. GenAI technology underpins these capabilities, enabling IAM Copilot to adapt and deliver in diverse IAM environments. 

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