Directory migration made easy

Directory modernization can be quick and painless with RadiantOne in your toolkit—upgrade with our zero disruption, zero downtime directory replacement solution.


Your directory is EOL—now what?

Legacy directories are under-performing and expensive, but they are difficult to replace without significant time, cost, and disruption.

  • Poor performance causing service disruption

  • High maintenance and support costs

  • Hard to replace due to application dependencies


Upgrade seamlessly in record time with RadiantOne

  • No-disruption directory modernization
  • Quick LDAP directory replacement
  • Improved performance and security

Directory modernization made seamless with our capabilities

Add lasting agility to your identity infrastructure by replacing your legacy LDAP. RadiantOne helps you analyze your current system, design and test your desired structure, and upgrade to Universal Directory seamlessly.

Streamline the directory migration process

Advanced virtualization, data modeling, and bi-directional synchronization make migration a simple, smooth process that can be done at your own speed.

Model the ideal directory structure

Acting as a proxy between your directory and the application layer, RadiantOne can log and analyze client requests and responses to inform the design of the new directory.

Prevent disruption during the migration

Shield applications from change while you phase out legacy LDAP. With RadiantOne, it’s easy to model and test your new system without disrupting its functioning.

Migrate seamlessly at your own pace

RadiantOne enables the existing directory to remain in place while application owners can cut over at their own pace, gradually or all at once, without impacting service.

See how directory migration brings quantifiable savings in Forrester's Total Economic Impact study of Radiant Logic.

RadiantOne Core Components

Explore the RadiantOne Identity Data Platform

The foundation for your Identity Data Fabric starts with federation, storage, and synchronization. These three core components lay the groundwork for success.

Universal Directory

The truly modern way of storing and accessing identity data: our super scalable, fault-tolerant solution for distributed identity storage.

Federated Identity

Unify across identity silos to create a central application access point and deliver unlimited super-flexible virtual views of identity data.

See it in Action
Global Synchronization

Sync identity everywhere you need it: on prem, in the clouds, and even across the clouds. Our bi-directional connectors transmit your perfected identity data and keep it completely in sync across all your enterprise systems.

We had tens of thousands of accounts at the first migration—and there was not a hiccup in that process.
-IAM Analyst, Financial Services

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If you’ve got an LDAP v3 compliant directory, we’ve got you.

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