Use IT auditing and controls to meet access audit requirements

Streamline user access audit and compliance with automated tools for executing controls and demonstrating adherence to IT recommendations.



Do you have everything you need to respond to your auditor’s concerns?

You’re faced with access audit requirements from all sides. But meeting them can be a real challenge when organizations struggle to get visibility into who has access to what—and what they’re doing with it.

  • The volume of data is staggering, and the data sources themselves are diverse
  • It’s difficult to identify dormant, orphaned, or leaver accounts because they are often hidden deep within a company’s information systems
  • Controls are reactive, time-consuming, and not easily enforced across the organization
  • Access audits are increasingly sophisticated since they include user access, applications, as well as machine identities

Provide proof of compliance to your auditors with our user access review

RadiantOne Identity Analytics makes it easy to address access rights recommendations. You can get auditors on your side by providing proof of compliance through automated reviews and time-stamped reports.
  1. One-click viewing of identities and access rights to all resources
  2. Proactively identify and correct data quality in all your repositories
  3. Automate controls of your identities and access rights for efficiency
  4. Get a complete history of all authorizations and changes (yes, all of them)
  5. Automatically and quickly generate ready-to-use compliance reports 

Reviewing for Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

Are you struggling to demonstrate compliance of your access rights? Learn how to make it a mere formality.


Simplify your approach and get all the answers your audit reports need

Consolidate your data

Load and correlate all the identity information in your systems, no matter the source.

Monitor your access rights

Identify gaps in compliance with ISO 2700X, SOX, SOC2, HIPAA and others on an ongoing basis.

Share your control progress

Have proof of the mandatory controls as well as corrective actions in place.

Share control results

Generate dashboards and reports in order to demonstrate the project’s progress.


Identity analytics streamlines audit of your access rights

Leverage Identity Analytics to assess your identities and access rights to provide the proof you need to respond to auditors’ recommendations.

Automate correlation and mapping of your identity and access data

Load and correlate identity data from all repositories, applications and files to reconstruct the identity and access chain. Find out who can access what resources and get a complete history of changes over time.

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Automate user and machine identity access reviews

Implement automated access reviews to enforce governance, and easily identify and correct deviations and gaps.

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Streamline compliance reviews and reporting

Provide auditors with proof of compliance through automated reviews and time-stamped compliance reports.


Say goodbye to user access audit stress

Imagine: you can be friends with your auditor again!