Identity-first security can be a reality: control user access at the source

Good decisions start with good data. Well-managed identity data is the foundation of an effective cybersecurity strategy.



Identity-first security demands rich, valid identity data

The identity system continues to decentralize and grow in complexity and volume, making it even more difficult for IT and security teams to combat increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

  • To deliver granular access control, complete and clean identity data is required
  • Fine-grained authorization relies on access to detailed identity data
  • Identity data, including attributes for enforcing authorization, are dispersed
  • Identity data might be stale, incomplete, or duplicativeleading to risky security practices



Implement identity-first security with attribute-based access control

Identity-based controls are the modern way to secure the organization: but the hidden challenge is often delivering the identity data they require from across a complex infrastructure.
  1. Check off the three C’s of identity: consistent, context-aware, and continuous
  2. Speed attribute-based access control with a unified source of identity data
  3. Reduce risk by implementing fine-grained authorization with many attributes
  4. Streamline compliance and audit with a 360 degree view of identity
  5. Decrease the attack surface, limit lateral movement, and prevent fraud

Deliver rich data, the foundation for Zero Trust Architecture

“Radiant Logic stores, normalizes and correlates this aggregation of information and extended attributes and provides appropriate views of the information in response to queries.” -NIST Cybersecurity Guide


Speed adoption of identity-first security controls

Secure access and protect organizational resources using the infrastructure you have today: implement Zero Trust principles by leveraging identity and context.

Deliver authoritative identity data in real time to secure access

Security control points are increasingly decentralized, but require real-time access to dispersed identity data to execute policies. Correlating and delivering that necessary data in the format required by each Policy Enforcement Point is a prerequisite to identity-first security.

Overcome technical debt and legacy challenges on the path to Zero Trust

Not all systems are equipped to support modern cybersecurity protocols or best practices, and upgrading them can prove to be a major undertaking that halts projects. RadiantOne supercharges modernization efforts to un-stick security initiatives.

Give your team the tools they need to comply to security regulations

Demonstrating compliance to security regulations is a challenge that is only growing in complexity along with your identity system. Enable your teams to adhere to security guidelines, and prove compliance with intuitive dashboards and reporting capabilities.

Control access according to the least-privilege principal with fine-grained authorization 

Implementation of practices like attribute-based access control requires a high-quality and rich set of information about each user to enforce security policy. RadiantOne delivers the required user context so that those policies can be extremely fine-grained.

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Identity-first security starts with unified identity

Arm your cybersecurity strategy with cutting edge practices—attribute-based access control and fine-grained authorization—all made possible with a complete view of identity.

Build the foundation for ZTA

A unique identity for every user is possible—enriched with context from across the infrastructure, and delivered to decision points in the format they require. The correlated global profile RadiantOne creates is the key to delivering your Zero Trust Architecture.

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See who, what, where, when, and why

The gaps in your identity strategy are a security problem—stay ahead with visibility into identity, data quality, and risk.

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Integrate identity data no matter where it resides

Identity silos are no match for us. Unify your identity data across all sources—and make it consumable by any application, anywhere, anyhow.

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