Speed time-to-value for M&A integrations from years to weeks

Major mergers and acquisitions or divestitures usually lead to massive identity integration delays—or outright failures. We’ve got a better way.



Identity and access management can get messy after M&As

When two companies combine, there are two of everything, and no easy way to ensure secure logins or access to resources. Typical approaches often take years—and things tend to break.

  • Company employees need secure access to shared resources, ASAP
  • Identity data is siloed across many disparate stores—times two!
  • Existing systems may use completely different identity architectures
  • M&A identity integration can be a years-long, multi-million dollar project

Enjoy M&A&D Day One access with our identity unification platform

RadiantOne connects disparate systems and correlates a global list of all users and profiles for each user, so everyone can securely access mission-critical tools—right away.
  1. Notch a quick win with fast access to key apps for all stakeholders
  2. Unify access control into LDAP and use passwords and groups from AD
  3. Create a global list of all users, with every user represented once
  4. Use the flexible system to pursue other advanced goals, like company SSO
  5. Merge, replicate, or consolidate systems without time pressures

One Cable Giant Quickly Melded Customer and Employee Groups

"The team was particularly interested in protecting its AD investments, and RadiantOne enabled them to abstract all identity data using advanced virtualization"


Acquiring a new company? Nice!

See how easy M&A&D is with a RadiantOne Trial. You’ll be merging in no time.


Create a common identity source by unifying across all backend stores

RadiantOne is the best alternative to costly consolidations, confusing duplications, or brittle stack solutions that rely on a single identity service.

Slash the cost and complexity of M&A identity integration

Tired of dealing with redundant systems and complicated identity workarounds? Extend your existing investments using a virtualized identity layer. Keep your tech architecture strong without risking delays or cost overruns.

Create one unified list of users, employees, and customers

Join identities and groups to form a new corporate whole—without any redundancies or brittle custom integrations. Provide instant compatibility within existing systems, platforms, APIs, and data repositories.

Deliver Day One access across organizations and diverse identities

Users need the right access to the right resources, regardless of where or how identity is stored. Rapidly grant permissions and secure access to the growing team. RadiantOne makes it easy and seamless to get identity right—right away.

Smoothly navigate corporate divestitures and spin-offs

Breaking up is hard to do—until now. While database tables are tricky to split, RadiantOne makes it easy to aggregate data into a powerful directory, so you can seamlessly segment business information for corporate separations.

See how identity data is transforming business

Learn why Aite-Novarica Group named Radiant Logic as the 2022 Impact Award winner in Cybersecurity.


Solve M&A&D challenges with a seamless solution

RadiantOne is the only choice to provide rapid support for identity success in the wake of M&A. Overcome hurdles to begin functioning as one business, fast.

Say no to silos with RadiantOne Identity Data Platform

The RadiantOne Platform serves as a one-stop-shop for authentication, authorization, provisioning, and profile preferences. Users are given instant access across systems using SSO, while only seeing the information and assets they were meant to see.


Keep your identity data fresh no matter the source or the destination

Push and pull identity data across consuming applications and existing identity stores to reduce confusion and keep things clean.


Store rich identity data in a fast, searchable directory

Universal Directory is scalable, extensible, and ready to smash through barriers to directory migration and consolidation.


M&A&D in minutes with our RadiantOne 2 Week Free Trial

Radiant Logic provides custom solutions for M&A identity integration to future-proof current investments and pave the way for more growth.