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What strategic benefits—like accelerated growth and time-to-value—are possible with identity done right?

Award and Case Study

Aite-Novarica Group awards Radiant Logic

Aite-Novarica Group awarded Radiant Logic in the 1st Annual Cybersecurity Impact Award, and provides a case study illustrating the benefits of the RadiantOne Platform’s cybersecurity identity and access management solution. This case study highlights our ability to harness the value of identity data across the enterprise. Read on to see how Radiant Logic can transform your toughest business roadblocks into enablers.


Identity sprawl grows, growth slows

Financial and other enterprises are hindered by identity complexity. Today, teams are charged with navigating an already-challenging environment to meet evolving business requirements while maintaining security.

  • Identity complexity has become a major roadblock to digital transformation and business growth
  • An expanded attack surface and blind spots are some of the results of a complex identity ecosystem
  • Technical debt is deeply entrenched and difficult to replace, despite numerous, expensive attempts
  • Cost escalation for IT and identity management continues while budgets are constrained and staff is overburdened


Radiant delivers enterprise-wide strategic benefits

Identity data is at the crux of every critical business decision today: transforming siloes into a functional asset is the game-changer.

Identity transformed into business enabler

User identity is uniquely positioned as the institutional foundation for business growth. Integration projects are accelerated with an advanced identity data management solution.

Dramatic reduction in time-to-value for projects

RadiantOne enables a new identity data framework, helping speed time-to-value across multiple digital transformation projects.

Advanced 360-degree view of users

RadiantOne provides linked, comprehensive, and fresh views of users, providing unprecedented “identity intelligence” for smarter business decisions.

Identity-enabled security

Identity-enabled cybersecurity includes Zero Trust Architectures for the workforce, partner (Nth party) ecosystems, and customer-facing applications.

Radiant Logic’s identity data vision… establishes a transformed foundation to pursue even greater advancements for identity in the market.
-John Horn, Director of Cybersecurity Practice, Aite-Novarica Group
Case Study

See how identity data is transforming business

Read the findings for yourself. Get the Aite-Novarica Group 2022 Impact Innovation Award Winners in Cybersecurity case study to see the strategic benefits of our cybersecurity identity and access management approach.

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