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What Could Your Organization Do With $20 Million?

The Total Economic Impact of RadiantOne

That’s a pretty bold statement to make, especially in today’s current economic climate. But saving this much money from stretched IT budgets could go a long way. It could mean keeping new initiatives like cloud migrations or implementing Zero Trust moving forward. Not to mention how much smoother and faster upcoming mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures can be with Radiant Logic. And let’s face it, with recession talk increasing, these business priorities are only going to keep the pressure on IT teams to do more with less.

The results of our new Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study could not be more timely. Based on feedback from longstanding customers, the financial model developed in this report demonstrated a six-month payback and a 239% ROI from organizations running the RadiantOne Intelligent Identity Data Platform.

In this report, Forrester’s consultants averaged the data from five Radiant Logic customers to create a composite organization. They then identified the benefits, risks, and outcomes customers experienced from using the RadiantOne Platform.

Here’s some of their key findings:

  • $20.3M in total savings over three years
  • 239% ROI and payback within six months
  • $9.2M technical debt reduction
  • 25% reduction in the risk of data breaches
  • 80% operational efficiency boost

If you’re a skip-to-the-highlights kind of person, get the e-book here. If you’d like to read the full results, check out the complete study. Otherwise, keep reading and we’ll take a high-level look at some of the study’s key takeaways.

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Study Identifies Challenges of Inaccessible Identity Data 

The study starts by exploring some of the difficulties in modern identity management. Before using Radiant Logic, interviewees reported challenges working with legacy technology, complex architecture, data redundancy, and tools that provided limited support and flexibility.

“As our organization grew, we were not able to support a growing number of identities. The Active Directory technology we were using did not allow us to move as fast as we wanted.”

-A senior IAM leader at a healthcare company

The inability to access identity data was a recurring roadblock for new and strategic business goals, leading to ineffective repeated processes and high opportunity costs. Without the agility to respond to business needs—not to mention the challenge of hiring the right skills and talent to complete the IAM tasks—identity management leaders can find themselves having to delay or deny revenue-generating projects.

Reducing the Burden of Technical Debt 

Technical debt is an unavoidable reality for any large and complex enterprise, yet it stands in the way of modern initiatives like digital transformation and implementing Zero Trust. In addition, each year those aging systems become more and more costly to maintain, and the related skill set becomes even harder to find.

The Forrester TEI study found that by leveraging RadiantOne, organizations can decommission old technology, reduce complexity, and centralize identity functions. This resulted in $9 million dollars saved for the composite organization. 

Not only does this lead to a savings in maintenance and troubleshooting costs, but they also reported savings associated with cloud vendors who may inadvertently contribute to technical debt.

“Radiant Logic has allowed us to eliminate old technology and tools and services that were costly to maintain, yet ineffective.”

-Director of IAM

Technical debt is hidden within every large enterprise, and often flies under the radar until it impedes a new project. Try our calculator to understand what you can save by reducing the technical debt burden. 


ROI Calculator for Radiant Logic [banner] click link to see how much your organization can save.

Improved Cybersecurity Posture with Stronger Identity Data Management

Identity related breaches are an unfortunate reality—in fact, a recent study from Gartner Peer Insights revealed that 67% of organizations have experienced such a breach in the last year. And the cost of these breaches is steep—Forrester estimates an average cost of $2.4 million per breach, to say nothing of the loss of brand reputation and customer trust.

The Forrester TEI study found that by using Radiant Logic to enable precise identity data, greater insight, and better control, the composite organization experienced a 25% reduction in the likelihood of a breach as it reduces its security exposure.

“Radiant Logic has allowed us to better control access, control accounts, and control the firewall rules that need to be open. Radiant Logic has enhanced our cybersecurity posture.”

-Director of IAM

How to Do More with Less: Improving Operational Efficiency 

We’re all familiar with the frustration that there’s never enough time, or resources to do what needs to get done–and that feeling is amplified when your time is spent on inefficient tasks, or maintaining outdated technology—all the while strategic projects get ignored.

According to the findings from the TEI study, with Radiant Logic, the interviewees’ organizations became more efficient and redeployed internal resources to higher value-added activities. They were able to automate manual tasks, simplify identity integration, and streamline processes, producing an operational efficiency boost of 80% in year 3. 

“Since we adopted Radiant Logic we have been able to decrease the time it takes to create an account and to fully provision an identity from over 48 hours to 8 hours.”

–IAM Lead

The study also found that the composite organization was able to avoid adding 10 additional FTEs every year because Radiant Logic enabled the existing team to scale up, accelerate development, and meet growth targets. That’s ten new staff that don’t have to be recruited, hired, and trained—a major win in today’s tight skills market.

Looking for all the details or the numbers behind the model? Check out the full study, or catch the webinar with Radiant Logic’s Chad McDonald and Ken Jochims, or contact us for a conversation on how the RadiantOne could impact your organization.

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