Seamlessly navigate new demands with increased business agility

Is your identity infrastructure flexible enough to respond quickly when crises emerge or opportunity knocks?



Reduce technical debt to speed innovation

Sometimes, change means hard decisions about what gets funded—or not. Other times, it’s about taking advantage of exciting opportunities. Without agility in your system, you can’t respond quickly.

  • Sizable organizations have attributes scattered across many disparate identity data stores
  • Identity data is siloed across diverse stores, making it impossible to respond quickly
  • Brittle hard-coding wastes time and resources and leads to missed opportunities
  • IT sprawl compounds complexity with new users, locations, and multi-cloud sources

5 ways to increase business agility with unified identity

Surf the changing tides of business without fear. Our unified identity data platform makes it easy to base decisions on upside potential, instead of infrastructure limitations.
  1. Configure once and utilize everywhere with our Identity Data Fabric
  2. Respond quickly to new opportunities by making identity a resource
  3. Deploy new apps much faster with a single unified identity data source
  4. Achieve true digital transformation by making identity work for you
  5. Build an intelligent Identity Data Platform to smooth cloud migrations

See How an Insurance Software Firm Increased Business Agility

“RadiantOne delivered the centralized identity hub and added the flexibility we needed to streamline our infrastructure and navigate changing business requirements.”

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Learn to love disruption with our unified identity layer

Get fast access to rich data that drives a world of new imperatives. It’s easy to evolve legacy stores and enable opportunities with our powerful identity unification platform.

Deliver digital transformation initiatives with ease

Success begins with solid identity and access management. For complex organizations, that’s where things go off the rails. Get back on track: unified identity lays the foundation for transformative digitization.

Make the cloud-first migration with always-unified identity

Migrating identity infrastructure to the cloud is a big item on many corporate to-do lists—but complexity complicates the roll-out. Unifying across diverse deployments makes it easy to provision cloud directories.

Fast-track your M&A from months and years to days or weeks

Day One access seems like a dream, but with RadiantOne makes it a reality. Whether you’re acquiring one company, merging two, or growing by acquisition, RadiantOne is your not-so-secret sauce for smart integrations.

Radically simplify re-organizations and divestitures

Whether you’re re-organizing your company or divesting divisions into new companies, RadiantOne eases your path. By unifying identity with our powerful Federated Identity component, it’s faster and easier to shuffle data as needed.

Discover the Total Economic Impact™ of Radiant Logic

See the quantifiable impact unified identity data has on business agility.


The tools you need for a nimble identity data infrastructure

RadiantOne accelerates business agility by connecting all relevant data points.

Integrate identity to enhance and accelerate your agility

Intelligent, model-driven identity data integration breaks down data silos to build the unified identity foundation for any complex infrastructure. Our platform provides a central access point for all apps—regardless of where, when, and how the data is needed.

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Construct a flexible Identity Data Fabric

Weave the foundational fabric that makes it easy to bridge all identities and services for amazing agility—and so much more.


Dynamically manage membership in groups

Quickly dispatch users into groups by automatically defining membership across sources, based on attributes—finally, groups are quick and easy!


Add seamless flexibility with RadiantOne

RadiantOne is the springboard to successful initiatives across the identity spectrum.