Radically simplify dynamic group management

Now it’s fast and one-click easy to create secure and flexible groups, while defining membership across diverse stores.


Groups can be a real hassle to define and maintain

Managing groups can be time-consuming and complex—especially when multiple heterogeneous data sources are involved.

  • Existing groups can’t enforce authorization

  • Maintenance is manual and time-intensive

  • Out-dated group rosters pose a security risk

Enhance security and reduce administration effort with dynamic groups

  • Deliver smarter, finer-grained groups
  • Reclaim your manual management time
  • Auto-update memberships to boost security

Intelligent authorization without all the hassle

Advanced virtualization enables dynamic group membership. Why manually assign users? Flexibly populate fine-grained groups based on attributes from anywhere.

Dynamically build attribute-driven groups

With dynamic virtual groups based on attributes and rich context, users can be assigned automatically and applications can easily enforce security.

Cut manual effort for maintaining groups

If the criteria used to determine group membership for a user changes, they will automatically be reflected in a new group—immediately, no extra steps required.

Reduce the potential for error with automatic updates

Administrators are no longer responsible for endless manual group management, or for granting—or failing to remove—inappropriate access.

Easy to use wizards automate groups management

Whether you’re defining new groups, aggregating and re-using existing ones, or remapping static to dynamic groups, the task is made easy with specialized wizards.

A Large Managed Care Organization Migrated Groups Painlessly.

RadiantOne Core Components

Explore our platform’s core components that make everything easier

Making groups dynamic is a big deal—and there’s so much more. See how to optimize your infrastructure and unlock the value in your identity data.

Federated Identity

It’s easy to quickly create unlimited virtual views of your identity data, in the exact format and schema your applications expect.

Universal Directory

Upgrade your infrastructure with our Universal Directory, the ultra modern way to store and access identity information. It’s highly scalable, fault-tolerant elastic computing that’s containerized for distributed identity storage.

Global Synchronization

Stay in sync across all sources and endpoints, whether they’re on-prem, in the cloud, or across clouds. Global sync uses bi-directional connectors to propagate identity and maintain coherence across enterprise systems.

Powerful Tools To Connect Old Identity Islands To Support An Integrated Future
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Wherever groups can be found, we integrate

RadiantOne provides the right infrastructure to simplify and improve deployment of a variety of initiatives.


Get everything you need to make groups easy

Explore the many resources we offer to deliver on the promise of a modern identity architecture with dynamically managed groups.

RadiantOne makes your identity data accessible, reusable, and scalable

RadiantOne Intelligent Identity Data Platform is the first solution to deliver a strong identity data foundation for your entire IT infrastructure. Build a unified identity data fabric once—use it anywhere, anytime by any application.


“We were able to configure the system to meet our needs and able to adapt it quickly as requirements changed.”

Gain confidence in your group management with RadiantOne

It shouldn’t be this hard to handle groups. We make it easy.