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Revolutionizing IAM with RadiantOne AI and AIDA

In the digital age, identity management and access governance have become critical components of organizational security. The integration of generative AI technology will usher in a new era of identity intelligence, revolutionizing the way organizations visualize and govern identity data with unprecedented speed and accuracy. 

RadiantOne takes a modern approach to identity management by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to manage and secure user identities and control access privileges to critical resources within an organization. Our industry-leading platform provides the capability of analyzing large volumes of data at high speeds to support and enhance human decision-making.  

Using Generative AI for Data Management 

The integration of generative AI technology within the RadiantOne platform signifies a pivotal evolution in identity data management. This technological advancement empowers organizations to proactively address anomalies and atypical access rights, setting a new standard for efficiency and compliance in the industry. 

“Identity and access management (IAM) has become too complex and fast-changing for humans to identify entities and control their access without the help of automation that uses machine learning (ML). The emerging IAM design vision is that the IAM systems and end users themselves should perform the majority of IAM tasks with appropriate analytics guardrails.” 


RadiantOne AI promotes a cutting-edge approach that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to effectively manage, audit, and control identities and their access within an organization. By integrating RadiantOne AI into IGA processes, companies can leverage advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities to streamline identity management and simplify access controls. It will also help tackle the complexities associated with identity management and entitlement sprawl.  

The RadiantOne Identity Data Platform integrates our big data heritage with advanced analytics, dramatically increasing the speed of informed decisions based on accurate data. We apply the power of generative AI to add lightning speed to your current processes and workflows around identity and access management, governance and compliance.  

AIDA: RadiantOne AI’s Guide to More Effective Identity Access Processes

“IAI [Identity Access and Intelligence] is a capability that harnesses GenAI innovation in conjunction with IAM data and analytics efforts to take the application of ML in the IAM field to a new height. Examples are an IAM copilot that can assist with IAM-related tasks, or in-product features that are built on customized GenAI models and orchestration technologies together with other IAM data and analytics systems.” 


The RadiantOne AI copilot, AIDA—short for Artificial Intelligence Data Assistant—presents an innovative way to navigate identity and access governance. Leveraging the power of large language models and advanced data visualization capabilities, AIDA empowers business line and application managers to accurately review, grant, and revoke access rights via a natural language experience. 

Using RadiantOne AI to Expedite and Improve User Access Reviews 

The inaugural utilization of AIDA within RadiantOne AI involves serving as a generative AI assistant for expediting user access reviews. This advancement has drastically reduced the review duration from days or weeks to mere minutes, signifying a groundbreaking transformation in identity and access management methodologies.  

AIDA navigates users through the review process, automating decision-making, enhancing employee productivity, and guaranteeing audit compliance. Simultaneously, it directs focus towards areas needing closer examination. 


RadiantOne Platform interface for user access reviews with engaged AIDA functionality


Informed by an extensive data model and leveraging over 150 control points, AIDA performs data analysis by highlighting potential risks, providing insights, and suggesting remediations. This approach delivers the visibility necessary for organizations to be informed about identity issues so that proactive actions can be undertaken without removing the human touch from decision-making. 

Through automation, RadiantOne AI effortlessly identifies anomalies, eliminates redundant access privileges, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. Companies can control and monitor effective access governance throughout their information systems and make identity-based decisions with confidence, maximizing their overall security posture.   

To learn more about RadiantOne AI, AIDA, or share thoughts on generative AI for data management—contact us. We’d be happy to show you a demonstration of AIDA or help you get on the waitlist today.  



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