Make identity data your secret weapon against regulatory demands

Companies manage tons of sensitive user data—and recent regulations have raised the data privacy stakes.



Keeping user data secure in a world of fragmentation & risk

From GDPR to CCPA, data privacy regulations are pressuring large identity organizations to get compliant, protect against breaches, and enable all users to manage and control their own data.

  • When it comes to data privacy, the EU Does. Not. Play. Many are following…
  • But it’s nearly impossible to get a comprehensive picture of each user’s data
  • Stiff financial penalties await those unable to untangle identity & comply
  • Staying compliant & avoiding fines is a heavy lift without smart ID integration

Speed & simplify compliance while enabling user privacy portals

Stay compliant with our powerful Intelligent Identity Data Platform. Deliver specialized identity views across sources, with all the data you need to ensure privacy and compliance.
  1. Make critical access decisions with up-to-the-second user data
  2. Ensure seamless compliance & avoid the heavy fines for getting it wrong
  3. Stand up a privacy portal that offers users control over their own data
  4. Add compliance-related attributes to the data model and push them to the enterprise
  5. Ensure targeted privacy rights, such as applying GDPR for EU residents

Turning Integration Bottlenecks into Mission Enablers

”If a foreign attribute is not allowed beyond its borders, RadiantOne can proxy to confirm that data without touching or moving it.”


Is your regulatory compliance an expensive hassle or a streamlined triumph?

The answer is entirely up to you. But with stakes so high—and fines so steep—why not bring needed agility into your regulatory response infrastructure with RadiantOne?

Get global insight into every user to drive compliance

The more you know, the more informed your response—and that’s doubly true of data in this new regulatory age. Our platform zeros in on every attribute across all stores, bringing you the richest 360-degree views of all your user data.

Collaborate securely across corporate geos and global partners

Whether internal or external, global collaboration highlights the need to mindfully manage compliance across regions and regulations. Our flexible framework helps you navigate disparate rules, such as proxying EU attributes that need to stay local.

Accelerate your digital transformation with agile identity

No dead-end spending with RadiantOne! The same flexible identity unification infrastructure you rely on to meet the challenge of stringent regulatory and privacy frameworks will also enrich and inform your digital transformation—plus more.

Deliver robust privacy portals where users manage their own data

In a time when regulations are strict and consequences expensive, there’s a move to offer “privacy portals” where consumers can view all the information you have on them and control how you use their data. We even make it easy—seriously!

See how identity data is transforming business

Learn why Aite-Novarica Group named Radiant Logic as the 2022 Impact Award winner in Cybersecurity.


Get your identity together to ensure perfect compliance

Pretty good is not enough. Our powerful platform gives you the ideal identity springboard for delivering spot-on, buttoned-up regulatory compliance.

Say hello to RadiantOne's identity unification powerhouse

Successful compliance begins with our Federated Identity solution. By unifying identity across your entire infrastructure, it’s easy to see deep into your data and quickly create unlimited identity views to enable an insight-driven regulatory compliance program.


Be sure your identity stays in perfect sync

You can’t comply successfully using out-dated data. So keep it up-to-the-second fresh with our bi-directional sync engine.


Add rich context for deeper user insights

RadiantOne frees vital context from silos so you can know users better, identify red-flags faster, and take action immediately.


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