Get smarter with an identity knowledge graph

Extract and represent contextual information from all identity silos, creating a foundation for deeper insights.


Silos block you from unlocking value

Sources for all activities—identity in their various contexts—are spread across incompatible and siloed applications.

  • Identity is static, inflexible, unresponsive to change

  • No data model can suit the needs of every initiative

  • Hard to correlate identity data and derive meaning

Our identity graph delivers an integrated view of every data source and user context

  • Enhance security and reduce risk
  • Offer personalized services, better offers
  • Optimize management of the identity landscape

See our patented technology for contextual identity

Abstracting identities is the intelligent approach for building the knowledge graph. Contextual insight into relationships helps strengthen security and better serve consumers.

Model-driven virtualization

RadiantOne builds a global model to logically connect all identity attributes and context from across heterogeneous data sources, understanding links in the data and allowing you to remodel data as needed.

Relationship mapping and management

The identity data graph maps objects and relationships, making authorization policies more precise, and a better reflection of the full entitlement picture.

Human-readable representations of data

Semantically tagging relationships in the data enables you to understand the context in which those objects are related, delivering identity insights to all groups.

Advanced storage and scalability

Get the richness of SQL and the speed of a hierarchy in one platform. RadiantOne renders and persists the global data model—or series of materialized hierarchical views—without slowing performance.

Department of Homeland Security Enables Cross-Agency Collaboration


Ready to put context to work in your organization?

The RadiantOne platform offers a way to gain deep insight into the data you already have. Learn more about how each module works to see how.

Federated Identity Engine

Quickly deliver all the enriched virtual views of identity data your priorities demand, in precisely the format and schema required.

Insights, Reports, & Administration

Use powerful reporting wizards to centrally search, view, and manage identity across all your diverse enterprise sources.

Global Synchronization

One powerful service designed to sync data across every environment: on-prem, in the cloud, and across the clouds.

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We mean it when we say we integrate with everything

RadiantOne is purpose-built to be interoperable and vendor-agnostic. We never met a standard we didn’t like.


Resources to show you how we can help

Explore the many ways to deliver on the promise of a modern identity architecture with an on-demand source of unified identity data.

RadiantOne makes your identity data accessible, reusable, and scalable

RadiantOne intelligent identity data platform is the best of class solution in the Identity Data Fabric category. Our platform creates a unified, reusable resource for your entire identity fabric.


“We were able to configure the system to meet our needs and able to adapt it quickly as requirements changed.”

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