Transform identity data so it really works for you

An Identity Data Fabric unifies distributed identity data from all sources, turning it into a flexible, reusable, and resilient resource that delivers identity data on-demand wherever and whenever needed.



Disjointed identity information stalls progress and reduces innovation

Identity sprawl opens up cybersecurity and compliance risk, demands lengthy and complex integrations, and results in many lost opportunities and blown budgets.

  • Identity silos lead to complex customizations and ongoing running costs
  • Remote work, M&A, and piecemeal identity solutions have added to the sprawl
  • Legacy applications cannot take advantage of modern security protocols
  • Multiple and inconsistent profiles open up security risks across the organization

Five ways an Identity Data Fabric will impact your business

Your Identity Data Fabric acts as a broker between applications and identity stores, and turns identity into a rich, on-tap source of information that can be leveraged as needed for any security initiative.
  1. Radically simplify complex identity management and governance initiatives
  2. Create a consolidated identity source to support audits and compliance reviews
  3. Reduce new implementations from months—or even years—to days or weeks
  4. Easily define and revise fine-grained security policies for smarter access control
  5. Boost the speed and agility of your infrastructure while reducing its latency

Discover the Total Economic Impact™ of Radiant Logic on your organization

"We wanted to address technical debt. Ever since we moved our data into Radiant Logic and started using it as the authoritative data store, we have been able to eliminate a lot of complexity and redundancy and avoid other technology renewals."


Configure—don’t customize. It all starts with identity data

With unified ID data on-tap, RadiantOne gives you a solid foundation for every initiative. It’s the agile alternative to today’s customization-dependent IAM approach.

Address identity sprawl and identity confusion

Multiple identifiers, multiple personas, multiple roles—and all that for one single person. Weave together all the relevant information about an identity (human or not) to shield your authentication process from complexity.

Deploy Zero Trust with zero fuss

Modern authorization is based on seamless attribute control. RadiantOne is purpose-built to gather, share, and serve up attributes on an as-needed basis for more sensitive and contextual authorization decisions.

Make M&A a success straightaway

The truth is, most M&As fail, not delivering the desired results within the desired timeframe. With an Identity Data Fabric approach, you can offer Day One access and integrate shared resources—without disrupting the flow of business.

Survive and thrive in the hybrid and multi-cloud world

Cloud-first is great, but most large orgs have tons of valuable resources on-prem. Unify identity from across all sources—including multi-cloud—to let you move to the cloud on your own terms and leverage what you’ve already built.

Gartner Peer Insights on IdM

Together Gartner Peer Insights and Radiant surveyed 100+ IT and security leaders to measure the challenges in identity data management today.


See how to build your own Identity Data Fabric

Supplying identity information in a flexible and customizable way enables you to easily deploy initiatives and add new populations into your infrastructure without disruption.

Federated Identity for your Identity Data Fabric

The virtualization and abstraction layer that unifies identity silos to provide a central access point for all applications. Federated Identity builds unlimited and flexible virtual views of identity data, delivered at speed in the format required.


Unify identity through intelligent integration

Deploy advanced correlation jiu jitsu to defeat identity complexity. With or without a global identifier, our guided process makes integration a snap.


Store unified data to ensure scalability & speed

Scale to hundreds of millions of users without sacrificing speed, and enable applications to access dispersed and heterogeneous data at directory speeds.


Experience the power of RadiantOne

See for yourself. Check out the RadiantOne Identity Data Platform in action.