Elastic storage for top speed & scale

Deliver unified data at lightning-fast speeds with an intelligent storage solution that flexes to your needs.


Sluggish identity data and risk of outages

Gathering distributed identity and creating unified views is a good step—but it won’t be performant without a solid storage component.

  • Excessive latency in your login attempts

  • Limited scaling in number of objects

  • Heavy time-suck searches are prone to failure

Inject speed and scalability with an elastic storage layer

  • Scale quickly and easily as you grow
  • Ensure performance for complex queries
  • In-place migration of aging directories

See how RadiantOne delivers your need for speed

Our directory heritage means that we can expand to accommodate your growing business—and deliver at industry-leading speeds.

Cluster-based replication

RadiantOne’s cluster architecture allows for much faster replication and a higher level of queries across a multi-node system.

High-availability and fault tolerance

Intra and cross-cluster replication ensures quick responsiveness and always-on availability. If one node is down, another can be up and running immediately to take its place.

Incremental back-up

Intelligent, real-time backup process delivers the speed and efficiency to ensure that an always-up-to-date image of your data is available in storage, with no interruption.

High-speed searching

RadiantOne’s patented technology indexes structured data and gives it the flexibility and scalability of unstructured text search.

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Successful Implementation of a C-Level “Cloud-First” Initiative.


Explore the modules of our Intelligent Identity Data Platform

The foundation for your unique Identity Data Fabric starts with unified identity, storage, and synchronization. These modules lay the groundwork for success.

Federated Identity

Unify across identity silos to create a central application access point and deliver unlimited super-flexible virtual views of identity data.

Universal Directory

The truly modern way of storing and accessing identity data: our super scalable, fault-tolerant solution for distributed identity storage.

Global Synchronization

Global Sync leverages bi-directional connectors to propagate identity data and keep it coherent across enterprise systems in real time.

With over 3 million records, we’ve found Radiant to be a capable, scalable, flexible solution.
-Director of IAM, Services

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We’re built to integrate

RadiantOne is purpose-built to be interoperable and vendor-agnostic. We never met a standard we didn’t like.


Resources to help you construct a flexible Identity Data Fabric

Explore all the ways you can deliver a modern identity architecture with an on-tap source of unified identity data.

RadiantOne makes your identity data accessible, reusable, and scalable

RadiantOne Intelligent Identity Data Platform is the best-in-class solution for weaving a unified identity data fabric. Our powerful platform creates a unified, reusable resource for your entire identity fabric.


“No traditional directory compares to it when it comes to the performance."

-Architect in the Media Industry

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