Gartner Peer Insights survey revealsidentity, sprawlingbreaches, risingbudgets, shrinking

Do you know how many breaches are caused by identity issues? Have you wondered how your organization stacks up against the rest? Scroll a little further to find out…


How is identity working for you?

We partnered with Gartner Peer Insights to understand the trends and opportunities in our industry. Gartner’s survey uncovered the most pervasive, thorniest challenges IT leaders face today.

  • Identity-related breaches shot up in the last year–with no sign of slowing down
  • Identity sprawl is the problem that touches every part of the business, not just IT
  • The average number of accounts per person is in the double digits
  • IT leaders are being asked to do more than ever, with less budget, and finding it quite the challenge
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Unlocking the value of Identity Data to move the business forward

Disparate identities are causing an increase in breaches, management costs, and resource requirements as IT leaders struggle to address sprawl.

Identity data management survey: roadblock or business enabler?

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