Gain actionable Insights with Identity Analytics

Your identity data is a treasure trove of rich user insights, but only if you can put all that siloed data to work for you—and that ain’t easy!



A complete picture of user entitlements? It’s complicated.

Identity analytics and intelligence requires a complete view of identity, and that’s nearly impossible to achieve in diverse infrastructures. Simply gathering all that user data in one place is hard enough, but…

  • Can you abstract and unify identity drawn from all your data stores?
  • Can you see all the groups that a person belongs to across disparate data silos?
  • Can you join across disparate profiles to correlate global user profiles?
  • Can you map all the contextual relationships between different data points?

Gather all your data—then apply identity analytics and intelligence

Use our powerful tools to connect to identity stores, abstract and normalize the data within, then join every profile for each user into One Global Profile to Rule Them All. (Cue the wizards!)
  1. Use these profiles to visualize, sort, run scenarios, and much more
  2. Identify gaps, duplicates, non-authoritative data, and inconsistencies
  3. Use these insights to cleanse data and confirm that it’s authoritative
  4. Apply truth across every endpoint, regardless of store or protocol
  5. Automatically reflect backend changes so profiles are always in sync

Building Global User Profiles to Streamline SSO

Large integrated managed care organization built a global profile of each user to create new and more flexible groups across the unified identity systems.


Unify all your identity data for insight-driven analytics

Enrich context, map relationships, and build complete ID knowledge graphs to deepen awareness of what users have, what they want, and how they interact with you.

Prepare for IGA success by readying your identity infrastructure

IGA tools can’t connect to hundreds of systems or deal with non-entitlement attributes—but we can! Our data analysis, cleansing, and normalization are key to success. (Hint: you’ve gotta get a handle on groups before you bring them into your IGA)

Increase visibility into identity data before you merge, acquire, or divest

Integrating two diverse environments? Get a handle on your own—and an illuminating preview of the other. Do a data deep-dive into the company you are acquiring, so you can make a plan for how to virtually “merge” these infrastructures.

You can’t deliver Zero Trust without enriched global profiles

Successful Zero Trust starts with normalized, always accurate, insight-rich user profiles. With RadiantOne in your infrastructure, your ZTA can deliver on-target access decisions based on validated data drawn from across all your sources.

Virtually “consolidate” Active Directory—without brittle hardcoding

AD forests are as unique as a fingerprint. Physical consolidation takes years, but our data modeling tools can virtually prototype merged forests so you can anticipate collisions, ensure unique identifiers, and build a roadmap to success.

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The tools you need for enhanced IAM analytics

RadiantOne Identity Data Platform is purpose-built to give you MORE, with faster, simpler access to more data, more context, more insight.

Begin with rich global profiles containing everything you know about each user

Global profiles are a key capability of our platform, giving you data-rich and context-driven views of all your users and their entitlements. Running analytics on the deepest possible organizational knowledge of each user? What a gold mine!


Understand context with our knowledge graph

Drive better business and security decisions by abstracting identities with virtualization, then mapping out all kinds of contextual relationships.


Dive deeper into your data with powerful tools

With unified data so easily accessible, you can do smart searches, build an infinite array of identity views, and create powerful wizard-driven reports.


Learn how RadiantOne provides visibility into your data

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