Create a rich global profile for each user

Enhance visibility and context for all users—employees, partners, contractors—to drive smarter access and business decisions.


The problem with an incomplete picture

Without complete user profiles, you can’t provide modern security or provide intelligent customer service.

  • SSO falls flat without cross platform data

  • Auditing user access becomes a major headache

  • Missed opportunities for customer upsell

Drive smarter access & authorization decisions

  • On-tap identity ready for any initiative
  • Easily see all active accounts
  • Attribute-rich profile built for Zero Trust

Effortlessly build global profiles with RadiantOne

Bring together information from an endless number of sources—both in the cloud and on-prem—for a complete picture of each user and all of their identity attributes.

Simplified and speedy joins

Radiants lets you join dispersed attributes—at speed—to build more granular security policies, or to up your customer experience with personalization and preferences.

A single location for authoritative identity

Don’t bog down applications with complexity. Decouple them from identity backends, and point to a single location for unified, up-to-date, and relevant identity information.

Enable attribute-based authorization

ID and password isn’t enough: modern authorization needs info on location, roles, behavior. Expose required attributes—and only required attributes—for more granular access policies.

Get the customer data you need

All relevant customer identity information—including preferences and past purchases—are now accessible to your applications, enabling new revenue opportunities.

Global Insurance Group Transforms the Customer Digital Experience

RadiantOne Core Components

Learn which components fit your needs

The RadiantOne Identity Data Platform features six power-packed components, three of which make up our powerhouse core package. See which ones best complement your business and tech needs.

Our Federated Identity solution handles it all

Unify user attributes and create the exact unified view of identity that you need across LDAP, SQL, REST, SCIM and more.

Scale, performance and more with Universal Directory

Modernize the directory infrastructure with Radiant Logic's super-scalable Universal Directory, a modern implementation that supports standard protocols and scales easily.

Global Sync across all apps and sources

Leverage bi-directional connectors to propagate identity data and keep it coherent across enterprise systems in near real time.

We went from an 18 month how-we-gonna-do-this, to three days later moving forward with a solution.
-Mark Oehler, Lead IAM Integration Analyst, Transamerica Corporation

Trusted by the World’s Most Complex Organizations


Integration is our bread and butter

We work with just about every tool, standard, or stack out there. Our out-of-the-box connectors work with all the top applications—and even link up with home-grown apps.


Resources to help you create rich global profiles

Explore the many resources we offer to deliver on the promise of a modern identity architecture with rich global profiles to drive better business decisions.

RadiantOne makes your identity data accessible, reusable, and scalable

RadiantOne Identity Data Platform is the first solution to deliver a strong identity data foundation for your entire IT infrastructure. Build a unified identity data fabric once—use it anywhere, anytime by any application.


“...We’ve found Radiant to be a capable, scalable, flexible solution. Responsive and effective support…”

-Director IAM, Services Industry

Don’t be left in the dark. Get the visibility you need.

Make better business decisions by getting the context you need around identities.