Get More From Your Investment in IGA with RadiantOne FID

Adding RadiantOne FID to your Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) infrastructure can help you get the most out of your investment in IGA solutions such as SailPoint IdentityIQ and Saviynt Identity Warehouse.

RadiantOne can:

  1. Integrate identity data from diverse sources, creating the most complete input source to feed the IGA solution for processing.
  2. Use the IGA tool’s database as a source of identity information itself, for use in LDAP Applications, WAM and Federation.

IGA solutions perform at their best when they can access a unified source of identity. When such a source does not exist, the IGA solution provides a direct set of connectors and applies some form of identity integration and disambiguation based on their toolset, along with expensive, hard-to-evolve custom coding from professional services. But, the value of governance—applying the rules and policies—is limited to what can be extracted, reverse-engineered and aggregated.

1. Using RadiantOne FID as an Integration and Rationalization Engine (Pre-Governance)

RadiantOne FID acts as a specialized, bidirectional connector for IGA tools, virtualizing all the underlying identity stores—from LDAP and AD to SQL databases and web service APIs—then rationalizing the identity data from these sources and building a unique global profile for each user containing all the various attributes. The IGA platform looks to FID as a global directory, a source from which it pulls integrated identity and attribute information for its governance and administrative operations.

RadiantOne FID can act as an identity integration and rationalization engine to feed the IGA process.

As an integration and rationalization engine, RadiantOne goes deeper than any other service to understand the subtleties of each data source, detecting the database model to determine relationships, addressing LDAP at a finer level of granularity, and processing AD to account for groups, topology, and more. That builds a more complete, higher resolution profile for more precise IGA processes.

2. Using RadiantOne to Virtualize / Abstract IGA output (Databases/API’s) for Use with LDAP Applications, WAM and Federation

RadiantOne is not just an essential component on the front-end of the process—it’s also a tool for provisioning through to end points. The IGA solution pulls normalized identity data from RadiantOne, which acts as an integration connector, then it provisions by pushing through to the infinite array of end points with which RadiantOne synchronizes. So, RadiantOne FID reduces integration time for IGA solutions by acting as a specialized connector and providing the consolidated reference image of identity from disparate directories and other stores required by the IGA solution. This reference image enables a feedback loop that links changes back to their targets, for more flexible and productive integration, along with better ROI for provisioning projects.

With RadiantOne, identity information stored in IGA tools can be virtualized and stored into a directory, so LDAP, WAM and federation products can easily access a single directory source for authentication and authorization.

RadiantOne can also virtualize an IGA solution’s database and transform the data to provide a single definitive directory for LDAP applications and WAM/portal applications to use for authentication and authorization.

By leveraging the rich data in the IGA database, higher quality authentication and authorization decisions can ensure better enterprise risk posture and more effective user experiences.

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