Harness identity data to enrich your identity governance solutions

IGA works like a dream when it has access to all the rich data spread across your diverse systems, from LDAP and AD to SQL, APIs, and REST.



Complex, siloed user data slows governance efforts

While IGA is a sky-rocketing market segment, many sizable organizations struggle with success. Complex deployments hit major identity roadblocks due to diverse data scattered across silos.

  • IGA tools are increasingly powerful, but identity data issues slow their roll
  • These products expect a single normalized source of all needed attributes
  • But that data is trapped in disparate directories, databases, and more
  • Hard-coded integrations cost too much, take too long, and can’t be re-used

Unify all your identity data so it’s accessible to your IGA tool

IGA makers claim their connectors can do the trick, but only Radiant goes the last mile into disparate data stores, making it fast and easy to create complete attribute-rich global profiles for all users.
  1. Use your existing infrastructure to enable successful IGA
  2. Avoid the sunk cost of brittle hard-coding across data stores
  3. Deliver the richest user profiles for finer-grained identity governance
  4. Automatically sync any changes on the backend with your unified store
  5. Stay cool and compliant with existing data privacy regulations and ones to come

See How a Global Hospitality Giant enabled IGA & IAM

“RadiantOne creates a virtual identity layer that integrates legacy on-prem directories so that identity data is available to cloud applications, including IGA systems.”


Get more from your Identity Governance and Administration

No need for custom scripts or professional services. We dive deep into all your data stores, normalizing attributes for better Identity Governance and Administration.

Create 360-degree views of each and every user

Our tools make it easy to rationalize and integrate identity across a large array of sources and build complete views of your entire identity infrastructure, as well as an attribute-rich, groups-savvy view of each individual user.

Enhance your risk posture while offering great user experiences

Increased security and more productive users—how often does that happen? With RadiantOne, it’s no sweat to stay on the strongest security footing, while streamlining services so your workers get the job done with way less friction.

Get regulatory compliance right (and avoid those steep fines!)

In the face of strict new privacy rules, our platform helps multinational companies manage geographical residency requirements, presenting virtualized data to your upstream IGA platform without having to copy data from foreign servers.

Leverage your IGA investment for other priority projects

You’ve deployed an IGA system—now take the work you’ve done and re-use that collective data for WAM, federation, and LDAP applications.

Reduce your risk of breach by 25%

We know the Total Economic Impact of Radiant Logic, let us help.


The one tool to bring all your identity data together

We empower teams and users by providing a single platform where everyone can see and control user information, no matter the source.

Ease and improve compliance and audit performance

Get granular visibility into users and access with Identity Analytics. Dive deep into your data with a unified view of identity drawn from all diverse sources. No more data drudgery or sleepless nights come audit time!


Unify and secure data with an Identity Data Fabric

An Identity Data Fabric delivers all your identity information on demand, giving you flexibility to support your business.


Create one global identity list from separate sources

Bring together identity data from on-prem and cloud sources, creating a global list of users and a unified profile for each user.


Accelerate your identity projects with RadiantOne

See how we can speed up your IGA deployment to better leverage resources and provide great customer experiences.