Identity Warehouse

What is an Identity Warehouse? 

An Identity Warehouse is a component of the IAM architecture meant to be a comprehensive, always-available, always-up-to-date authoritative “source of truth” of all identity data in the enterprise. The Identity Warehouse must be more than a static source of entitlements; it needs to be real-time-accessible for making split-second access decisions; contain profile attributes; be easily extensible, and offer advanced integration, reconciliation, mapping and transformation capabilities; and ensure data propagation, quality and coherence with near real-time synchronization.


Why is Radiant best positioned to build the enterprise Identity Warehouse?

Leveraging the data sources an organization already has, Radiant uses model-driven virtualization, modern storage, and advanced synchronization to build a highly performant, highly available source of unified, dynamically updated identity data accessible at run-time, for any number of consumers, in the format they expect. This sidesteps the shortcomings of alternate “identity warehouse” solutions that are not designed to address identity sprawl or manage a rich set of user information for a variety of purposes. Specialized capabilities around correlating user accounts, automating groups, and easily adding new populations and applications are crucial for deploying an Identity Warehouse.


What are the benefits of implementing an Identity Warehouse?

The payoff to building an Identity Warehouse with a fabric approach is that you get to use and re-use your data many times, without having to customize a solution for every new project. Whether you are enabling collaboration with partners, automating lifecycle management, delivering identity insights to drive better security or user experience, an Identity Warehouse can optimize the process using your existing identity environment.

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