Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

What is Identity Governance and Administration?

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is an Identity Access and Management (IAM) discipline that involves the governing and administration of digital identities. By automating the creation, certification, and management of user accounts, roles, and access rights, organizations are better able to streamline key functions within their business, from user provisioning and deprovisioning to the management of passwords and policies all the way to access certification, governance, and reviews.

Where does IGA fit within the larger identity landscape?

As a centralized, policy-driven framework, IGA’s orchestration of user identity management and access control supports enterprise IT security and regulatory compliance efforts, while mitigating identity risk for sizable organizations. A key part of the larger Identity and Access Management or “IAM” field, the Identity Governance and Administration discipline connects IAM functions and enforces IAM policies, while offering greater visibility into the identities and access privileges of users.

These insights drive more effective management of precisely who is allowed to access which systems and exactly when that access is allowed. Done right, IGA also strengthens the organization’s security posture, meets increasing demands from auditors, and helps the organization scale for growth.

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