Global Profile

What is the Global Profile?

The Global Profile is the complete set of information– identifier(s), attributes, group memberships, and so on– about each user in the system. The Global Profile maintains links back to the local sources of all of a user’s local profiles/accounts.

What can the Global Profile do for you?

Gain finer grained authorization, speedier deployments of identity reliant projects, and smarter identity administration through a global understanding of your users. Manage identity globally, across all your identity sources, with the option of delegating credential checking to the local level. Through a virtual abstraction layer, RadiantOne brings together identity and context information from your cloud-based and on-premise sources, enabling a global view of your customers, partners, and employees. A join pulls attributes from disparate data sources so that when you query a user, you get all the attributes you want about them. This is important because we need real-time access to a complete set of attributes and groups of an individual for enforcing fine-grained access control.

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