What is identity correlation?

Identity Correlation establishes the connection between two or more identities that represent the same unique entity (such as a user). The process to identify accounts that represent the same unique entity is correlation (you may also hear linking, matching, deduplicating, reconciling… you get the picture). This can be sometimes be performed through a simple process based on a unique value, but often requires more complex matching logic involving transforming attribute values and evaluating cascading matching rules based on multiple attributes.

What problems does correlation solve?

Large enterprises have many data silos that contain profile information about identities. Oftentimes, there isn’t a single identifier across silos to link overlapping users. Once the overlapping identities are correlated, the accounts can be joined to create a complete global profile for each. The RadiantOne platform performs identity correlation and the distributed joins needed to create a global, unique reference list of identities with complete profiles.


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