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What’s Inside RadiantOne Version 7.4

Hey everyone–we’re excited to finally release RadiantOne 7.4 into the wild. This is a point release for us, so you may not notice a lot of major updates on the front end, but we’ve been doing some important finetuning behind the scenes to make the product more user-friendly, more interoperable, and easier to deploy.

Here are a few of the updates you’ll find in the 7.4 release. We don’t just care about your end users’ experience–your team’s efforts and wishlist are important to us too! Each of these updates were made thanks to direct customer feedback (always appreciated):

  • We’ve modernized our sync module to scale better and to handle the needs of a hybrid IAM environment (including both on-prem and cloud apps) and cloud migration initiatives. This includes a complete revamp of our sync architecture, and replacing Glassfish and OpenMQ, so it’s easier to sync and provision identities straight out of the box.
  • We’ve improved our ability to provision and integrate with cloud and SaaS applications. We’re now a fully-compliant SCIMv2 service, and we can better provision to other SCIMv2 endpoints.
  • We’ve made RadiantOne easier to use and configure from one universal interface: the Control Panel. This means one web-based interface for admins to use for all configuration, so you can drive from just one spot.
  • We now support modern deployment scenarios on Kubernetes to help our customers manage their deployments in a more reliable, scalable, and consistent way. This container-based approach allows the product to be deployed consistently with as little manual config as possible. It also lets us take advantage of the highly available, self-healing, and load balancing features of Kubernetes.

If you’d like to learn more, check out this video for an overview of some of these key features.

Besides the product updates, we’re debuting the Radiant Resident Engineer (RRE) program (something many of you have been asking about for a while). We know it can be hard to find the technical expertise you need to get your project off the ground. The Radiant Logic Resident Engineer (RRE) is designed to provide a RadiantOne-certified consulting resource to assist in the implementation or administration of RadiantOne for a six-month period. You too can have your own Radiant expert!

We’d love to talk to you more about RadiantOne 7.4–let us know what you like, anything you wish was different, and what you’d love to see in our next release. If you’d like to request a trial, please do it here and someone from our team will help you take the product for a test drive.

You can also check out our revamped website to keep up with our latest news, get the latest identity insights on our blog, and sign up to commiserate–I mean network–with other IAM professionals about the challenges in identity today at a user group.

A huge THANK YOU for your ongoing support of Radiant. We love to innovate based on customer feedback, so please keep it coming!

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