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Introducing Radiant’s New Customer Community

Radiant Logic’s Community Portal brings customers, partners, employees, and industry pundits together for an online experience of collaboration and growth. The community provides a centralized destination for finding support, advice, best practices, and feedback. Here’s a few suggested ways that you can stay engaged with our team and your peers:

  • Our ‘Tips and Tricks’ section is continuously updated with articles to help you get the most out of your RadiantOne deployment. We encourage you to share your creative solutions to challenges–our users love to hear from each other! Others may have different workarounds or alternative ways to solve the same problem.
  • Follow the ‘Announcements and Events’ section to stay up-to-date on all upcoming webinars, blog posts, and releases.
  • We want to know how to make your life easier! We encourage product feedback and funnel these requests directly to our product team. You’ll find a board for each RadiantOne module, and a place to share feedback or leave an idea. The more votes a request has, the more likely our product team will consider it for a future release. Our goal is to create features that benefit your organization directly.

Are you interested in a knowledge base article about a specific topic? Let us know in the miscellaneous feedback section. Remember to vote on what interests you!

You must be signed in to our support portal to engage in our community. If you don’t yet have access to our support portal, please email us at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you there!

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