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Welcome to Radiant 2.0!

It’s been a while since we posted on our long-dormant blog, but the team and I are happy to see you here and eager to begin an on-going conversation about how identity and technology can enrich lives, encourage communication, and strengthen security.

A little about me, since I’m new to the Radiant Logic community. I am a four-time CEO working with TA Associates, a long-time leading light in the PE world. One of my passions as a leader is taking great teams and giving them the tools and attention they need to elevate their game to  delight our customers and create meaningful growth for the company, while strengthening their own careers. I’ve been struck by the amazing level of talent here, grounded by the shared goal to truly deliver for customers, from innovative technology to great service across the board. This is what makes Radiant Radiant.

We are not starting from scratch. RadiantOne has long solved enormous challenges for complex organizations, from the Fortune 1000 to federal agencies. My goal is to build on Radiant’s long history of innovation and service—in fact, these were key drivers in our interest in the company. We’re making big investments in the team and the tech—and they’ve already begun to pay off. I can’t reveal too much about where we’re headed, but our next 18 months should be full of exciting advancement, delivered with the same commitment to service and support that Radiant’s known for. Stay tuned for more on where we’re headed in blogs to come.

Our Technology

We bring the best of security, identity management, and data analytics into a single Intelligent Identity Data Platform, unifying identity across diverse sources to create a powerful Identity Data Fabric. This breakthrough innovation delivers the unified identity data foundation for your identity fabric and cybersecurity mesh, two of Gartner’s key IAM initiatives for 2022 and very likely on your team’s To Do list, as well.

Radiant has spent years carving out an important place within the broader identity landscape, delivering foundational technology that enables the biggest trends in identity and cybersecurity. We have a long history collaborating on key customer roll-outs with the other big players in the identity space. We are proud to seriously enhance Okta, SailPoint, Ping, and many others by future-proofing identity investments, speeding time to value, and enabling Zero Trust. Our complementary technology lays the unified identity data foundation that helps their identity-reliant solutions sing—and our Identity Data Fabric clears the path to securing all sorts of exciting technology on top of our powerful unification platform. Of course, years of successful implementations have confirmed that everything goes better when you begin big initiatives with RadiantOne already in your infrastructure. As we like to say: “Put us in first, coach.”

Our Teamwork 

I’ve led many teams across my career and I will tell you: this group is special. They share a collaborative spirit that’s centered on doing what’s right for Radiant, each other, and all our customers. I’ve seen folks go out of their way to help a colleague get unstuck and entire teams come together, day or night, to solve customer problems and ensure customer success. There’s a reason we consistently receive a near-perfect score on Gartner Peer Reviews.

While working together is an everyday practice here at Radiant, the team is also ready to mobilize when necessary. I got a first-hand look at this response during the worldwide Log4J crisis. Our teams jumped right in, quickly coding a fix for our Log4J implementation and staying in close communication with customers throughout the process—and even now. I was especially touched by a customer email thanking us for our leadership and praising our team for doing a better job explaining the high stakes of the Log4J vulnerability than any of the other vendors he’d heard from. Nice work all around, guys.

Our Public Face

When I first came to Radiant, the website had not been a priority for a very long time. The team’s focus was always on technology, service, and support. But we knew we also needed a world-class digital home to share our story and connect with customers, partners, and all the large organizations out there struggling with years of infrastructure investments. So my team worked hard over the last few quarters to create an engaging space that delivers the best of Radiant, showcasing our technology, our values, and even our open positions if you’d like to join the Radiant team. (We’d love to meet you!) 

If you haven’t spent much time on the new site, you can dive deep into our Intelligent Identity Data Platform and explore how RadiantOne helps you improve experience, drive efficiency, and minimize risk across an array of important use cases. You can even see me in action

A special note to customers: thank you for your trust. We want to change the way you look at your identity data, while helping you realize meaningful value that reverberates throughout your business. RadiantOne is a gamechanger for sizable enterprises across every industry and I know my team is eager to share how our tech and talent can make a difference in your organization. 

Here’s to a great year working together. 


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