FID for WAM/Portal SSO

A Fast, Flexible Solution to Boost the Speed, Efficiency, and Security of WAM/Portal SSO Deployments

RadiantOne works with several WAM/Portal solutions to deliver faster, smarter SSO and smoother integration of new user populations. Supported solutions include:

By federating and routing authentication and authorization demands against multiple internal identity systems, RadiantOne uses the power of virtualization to help you dramatically reduce the number of links you have to manage, and accordingly, your costs—along with streamlining the process to give you faster authentication and smarter authorization.

WAM/Portal SSO

Through identity integration based on virtualization, RadiantOne increases the efficiency and security of your WAM/Portal SSO solution as well as future initiatives as they arise.


Secure authentication requires a directory-based set of user names and passwords, or a more advanced credentials-checking/security means. But merging existing data into a workable data store is often difficult. With RadiantOne, you can integrate identities into a complete authoritative source, enabling a “global view” of your identities while delegating credential checking to the original local sources. Read more.


To provide up-to-the-minute, intelligent authorization, you need a coherent view of users, including a complete profile for each user with all attributes from across data stores integrated together. But merging existing data into a workable data store is often difficult. RadiantOne supports richer and smarter authorization decisions by integrating application contexts across data and application silos. Read more.