Enable friction-free single sign-on for enterprise users

One seamlessly secure access and audit point connecting all your internal identity sources to federated applications.


RadiantOne and done, with our Single Sign-On solution

Connect users to applications seamlessly, in or outside your network, with our Single Sign-On solution. Augment identity and access management solutions with stronger security and efficiency.

Simplify and centralize account management 

With unified identity and SSO, it’s easier to manage access centrally, whether users are remote or on-prem, workforce or partners.

Boost productivity with less friction or disruption

Repeated log-ins? No thanks! Streamlined onboarding and fewer credentials to manage? Heck yes—they’ll get more work done!

Add efficiency and reduce helpdesk burdens

Decrease administrative and IT overhead by reducing credential management duties. A user-friendly interface simplifies groups and permissions management.

Strengthen your organization’s security posture

Fewer passwords to remember reduces careless breaches. SSO keeps credential checking local, while claims are encrypted and sent over SSL.

RadiantOne is pivotal in helping us to address the various islands and silos of identity as we plan to rationalize the numbers and types of legacy systems.
-Senior IT Architect in Energy & Utilities

Secure access with our logical, easy-to-manage gateway

Our web-based, multi-tenant service supports in and outbound federation flows, connecting users with federated applications for easier and more secure experiences.


Supports SAML, OIDC, WS-Federation and WS-Trust

Enable SSO for users logged into their native Active Directory domains with Integrated Windows Authentication. Users in any AD domain/forest can leverage their AD credentials for non-Microsoft applications, accessing them directly or via the SSO portal.

Easy profile and password management

Empower your end users! RadiantOne SSO offers self-registration, user self-service activities like password reset, profile management, and white pages, as well as a customizable SSO web portal.

Enforce fine-grained authorization

No more sticky notes covered in passwords. Plus, add more layers of access control with easily configured Level of Assurance and Circle of Trust rules. Base authorization decisions on assigned levels and IP address-based user locations.

Support multiple login methods

Choose how users can verify their identity: forms-based, certificates, PIV/CAC cards, trusted Identity Providers, social login, or Windows Integrated (Kerberos or NTLM). Define acceptable methods based on conditions for additional security.

Log in once, and never look back...


We support an array of authenticators & applications

From MFA to social login and everything in between, we can get your users securely logged in to crucial apps.

Our customers

Deployed wherever there’s a need for security and identity sanity

RadiantOne connects the disconnected in today’s most complex organizations to add agility and security.

40% of the Fortune 100 Choose Radiant to Reach their Goals
...Our goal of providing secure access to corporate apps, along with SSO to all employees seemed unattainable.
-Largest Fast-Food Chain
80% of Top Healthcare Providers choose RadiantOne
We selected RadiantOne Intelligent Identity Data Platform to simplify the process of enabling secure access.
-Large Healthcare Consortium

RadiantOne cures the common identity crisis

Our platform offers six powerful modules that lay the unified identity foundation you need to solve every use case.

  • Federated Identity Engine

    This is where it all begins. Our powerful abstraction layer unifies identity across silos, offering a custom access point for every application and building all the virtual identity views you need to secure corporate imperatives.

  • Universal Directory

    (Shhh, we stole this elastic storage powerhouse from the future….don’t tell!) Our distributed identity storage marvel is highly-scalable, fault-tolerant, containerized, and happy to run wherever you choose.

  • Directory Migration

    Virtualization, storage, and smart synchronization. It's everything you need to upgrade your legacy LDAP directory to our powerful Universal Directory at your own pace, with no disruption to users or existing systems.

  • Global Synchronization

    Stay in perfect sync across all sources and endpoints, whether they’re on-prem, in the cloud, or across clouds. Global sync uses bi-directional connectors to propagate identity and maintain coherence across enterprise systems.

  • Insights, Reports & Administration

    Our identity wizards deliver serious magic, casting spells to help you search, manage, and view users from a single spot, while correlating attributes across diverse stores to conjure complete identity views. Abracadabra!

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