Single Sign-On in a snap, with RadiantOne

Leverage your existing identity infrastructure to securely, seamlessly connect users with application access—no need for re-architecting.


Endless logins are slowing operations and introducing risk

Repeated logins, forgotten passwords, calls to an overwhelmed helpdesklack of Single Sign-On is a major pain.

  • Increased security risk

  • Wasted time wrangling forgotten logins

  • Burden on IT and helpdesk teams

Remove barriers to user experience and security with Single Sign-On

  • Boost productivity and user experience
  • Enhance security posture
  • Reduce administrative and IT requirements

Access made easy and secure

Connect users to applications seamlessly, in or outside your network. Deliver stronger security and organizational efficiency by enabling Single Sign-On.

Quickly deploy Single Sign-On solutions

Delivering seamless access can be a major challenge when faced with identity sprawl—a hurdle most Single Sign-On solutions are not equipped to manage—unless they are supported by RadiantOne.

Simplify management of users and groups

A user-friendly interface streamlines onboarding and reduces password management requirements, boosting efficiency and decreasing administrative overhead for all Single Sign-On solutions.

Turn your identity system into an Identity Provider

Easily extend access to new applications, offer Single Sign-On, and control access from one place, without needing to add a new user store or customize synchronization logic.

Secure access with standard protocols and best practices

Fewer passwords to remember reduces potential breaches. Single Sign-On keeps credential checking local, while data is encrypted and sent over SSL. Plus, add MFA, even for legacy applications.

Corporate or franchise: secure access to apps, and Single Sign-On for all

RadiantOne Core Components

Explore all aspects of our Identity Data Platform

The foundation for your unique Identity Data Fabric starts with federation, storage, and synchronization. These platform core components lay the groundwork for success.

Federated Identity

Unify across identity silos to create a central application access point and deliver unlimited super-flexible virtual views of identity data.

Universal Directory

The truly modern way of storing and accessing identity data: our super scalable, fault-tolerant solution for distributed identity storage.

Global Synchronization

Sync identity everywhere you need it: on prem, in the clouds, and even across the clouds. Our bi-directional connectors transmit your perfected identity data and keep it completely in sync across all your enterprise systems.

RadiantOne is pivotal in helping us to address the various islands and silos of identity as we plan to rationalize the numbers and types of legacy systems.
-Senior IT Architect in Energy & Utilities

Trusted by the World’s Most Complex Organizations


We’re Built to Integrate

RadiantOne is purpose-built to be interoperable and vendor-agnostic. We never met a standard we didn’t like.


Resources to help you construct a flexible Identity Data Fabric

Explore all the ways you can deliver a modern identity architecture with an on-tap source of unified identity data.

RadiantOne makes your identity data accessible, reusable, and scalable

RadiantOne Identity Data Platform is the best-in-class solution for weaving a unified Identity Data Fabric. Our platform creates a unified, reusable resource for your entire identity fabric.

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“With RadiantOne, we were finally able to offer customers a single set of credentials for a cleaner user experience.”

-Sr. Director IAM, Fortune 100 Financial Services Organization

Streamline identity and access management Single Sign-On

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