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Radiant Logic Announces Industry-First Identity Data Intelligence Innovation to Improve Decision Making

New Capabilities Include: Identity Observability, Management and Visibility, SaaS Deployment, Enhanced APIs and Low-Code/No-Code Identity Data Integration 

February 28, 2023, Novato, CA:

Radiant Logic, the Identity Data Fabric company, today announces the launch of its radically redesigned Identity Data Platform, offering an identity-first approach to security and business decisions. To drive confident policies, enterprises need real-time access to a tremendous amount of data, synchronized across hybrid and complex environments. It must be accurate, available in real-time, and presented in a meaningful way. The next generation of Radiant solutions offer a re-imagined approach to identity data management, with advanced identity observability and visualization capabilities, all built on an extensible API-layer and available as a SaaS offering.

These new innovations directly respond to the need for high-quality, real-time identity data to serve the enterprise. In a recent report, Gartner wrote “Increasing demands on IAM infrastructure require higher levels of automation and more sophisticated use of identity data and identity configuration data.” With up to 84% of breaches being identity-related, and the average enterprise managing more than 20 identities per user, harnessing and leveraging the power of identity data has never been more critical.



“All business processes involve either authentication, authorization or personalization–and identity data is at the heart of each of these decisions,” says John Pritchard, Chief Product Officer. “Access management policy is becoming more and more decentralized across the edge, applications and data, increasing the importance of identity data that powers these decision points. With our new observability and data science offerings, IAM leaders and practitioners will have new insight into possible security gaps and IAM inefficiencies in their organizations.”

Throughout 2023, Radiant Logic will deliver unparalleled abilities for organizations to automate their identity data analysis to quickly understand the health and quality of the identity data. Offering first-to-market identity observability, Radiant will be able to discover and alert on identity anomalies caused by outliers, incorrect group entitlements, and role assignments. Through intelligence and automation processes that address identity data quality issues, organizations can flag potential issues that measurably improve their overall security posture and accelerate the move to identity-first security.

With the new Radiant Logic capabilities, organizations will soon be able to access new insights into their data with the following:

  • Actionable Identity Observability: Adds visibility across all identities and related objects to help organizations easily radically improve data quality to improve security posture and minimize risk. New visual templates and data science tooling makes it easy to spot anomalies and provides insights to make Zero Trust a reality
  • Easy-to-Use Identity Manager: Enables helpdesks to quickly and accurately identify users and provide password reset and other self-service tasks to minimize the overall resource burden for these manual tasks
  • Enhanced User Experience: Makes identity data easily accessible with low-code/no-code data modeling and API-first extensibility, allowing non-technical users and developers to access only the identity information needed for their task, and reducing the skills required for configuration and ongoing maintenance
  • Seamless Cloud-Native SaaS Deployment: Provides a fully managed, single-tenant SaaS offering for organizations which minimizes resources required to deploy and manage RadiantOne for faster time-to-value, reduced ongoing maintenance, and greater ease of use

Upon the close of the Brainwave GRC acquisition, Radiant plans to leverage identity analytics driven by advanced AI/ML as a core capability. By combining these unique capabilities into a single solution, customers can leverage identity data science to speed time-to-value for IGA deployments and simplify user access decisions.

“The fusion of Radiant Logic’s Identity Data Fabric and Brainwave GRC’s identity risk capability creates a powerful new kind of identity platform, a real game changer,” says John Horn, Director, Cybersecurity Practice at the Aite Novarica Group. “CISOs and technology leaders at financial service firms can utilize Radiant to achieve transformational Zero Trust outcomes, dramatically improved visibility into anomalous behavior, and meaningful operational efficiencies. Identity data is the heart of the modern digital enterprise. Radiant Logic has risen to a market leader.”

The Spring 2023 release, available in March, debuts RadiantOne in a fully managed, single-tenant SaaS environment.

Radiant Logic, together with Brainwave GRC, will showcase their solutions at the Gartner IAM Summit in London on March 6-7, 2023, and the Gartner IAM Summit in Grapevine, TX on March 20-22, 2023. Meet us there to ask questions or get a demo.



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