Turning identity data into a business accelerator with Radiant Logic

Join our Chief Product Officer, John Pritchard, to dive into Radiant Logic’s new innovations and learn how delivering accurate, current, and timely identity data is key to transforming and securing your business and delivering great customer experiences.

  • Thursday, March 16, 2023
  • 34 Minutes
  • On-Demand Webinar

Turning identity data into a business accelerator with Radiant Logic

Every digital interaction requires a chain of decisions to be made across a series of control points utilizing various technologies to authenticate and authorize access. Current and accurate identity data is central to every decision, from continually verifying access with Zero Trust methodologies to streamlining end-user access with customer journey mapping.

The very nature of today’s complex identity infrastructure means that all decision-making solutions are decentralized and are comprised of legacy and out-of-date systems. Adding to this complexity is inconsistent data obtained from silos loaded with incorrect or dated attributes. Even complete data may have anomalies and outliers that are hidden until aggregated, and seemingly complete identity data can drift due to synchronization issues.

Understand how organizations can unlock the power of Identity Data Intelligence and transform identity data into a business accelerator with these new capabilities:

  • Federated Identity: Low-code / No-Code capabilities allow “Citizen Integrators” to tackle complexity using templates and visual tooling
  • Identity Manager: Employee, customer, and help desk self-service experiences to manage identity data with delegated administration to help scale identity teams
  • Identity Observability: Exploratory data assessment capabilities with identity data business intelligence and alerting & reporting to discover data and policy quality issues
  • Extensibility-Enhancing APIs: Completely refactored API-first design supporting externalized analytics and infrastructure as code environment configuration
  • SaaS Delivery: Global multi-region, high availability deployment options with Secure Data Connectors for on-prem data source connectivity


John Pritchard

Chief Product Officer at Radiant Logic

John is Chief Product Officer at Radiant Logic, responsible for the company’s global product vision and leading engineering, product and design. John joined Radiant Logic from Okta, where he served as Vice President of Product Management for Okta’s Developer and Partner Ecosystem. His background is in new product development of fault-tolerant distributed SaaS systems and brings more than 25 years of product and engineering experience from Adobe, IBM and Lockheed-Martin.

John holds a B.S in Information Systems from American University, a M.S. in Telecommunications from George Washington University, an MBA from Duke University and is currently completing his PhD at the University of Denver with a research focus on Artificial Intelligence. You can find him on twitter as @IndiaPeloAle.

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