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This Just In: The 2022 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Identity Fabrics

KuppingerCole just released their 2022 Leadership Compass for Identity Fabrics, which they define as “comprehensive IAM solutions built on a modern, modular architecture.” As always, the team at KuppingerCole has done a masterful job in evaluating the strengths of the vendors, and we appreciate their efforts to put clarity around the term “identity fabrics.”

The report identifies Radiant Logic’s unique position to provide identity data integration within an identity fabric framework. Here at Radiant, we’ve always been clear that we are a component of a comprehensive identity fabric approach, providing accurate and actionable identity data to the rest of the fabric so that those functions can make the best possible decisions. The Leadership Compass identifies that as well:

“While RadiantOne for itself does not provide everything needed for a comprehensive Identity Fabric, it adds capabilities that are commonly lacking in other vendor’s solutions. With their ability to integrate and standardize information from many sources and to flexibly federate with a variety of such systems, RadiantOne is a valuable addition specifically for large and complex environments that struggle with insufficient identity information quality.”

The report also provides helpful differentiation between Radiant Logic and other vendors who play complementary—but distinct—roles in the identity fabric.



KuppingerCole has long supported the important role of identity data in today’s IAM architectures. In a November 2021 report, Martin Kuppinger wrote about identity data serving as the foundation for modern identity fabrics:

“These solutions help turn identity into such a key business enabler, and address the fragmentation of identity data as well as the lack of reliable data. The RadiantOne platform is a solution that fits in between the various sources of identities, and the central identity services that form a comprehensive Identity Fabric. RadiantOne delivers Identity Unification capabilities required for the Identity Fabric.”

(Get your free copy of that report here or watch the accompanying webinar here).

Earlier this month, KuppingerCole released a new report and accompanying webinar looking at the role of identity data in Zero Trust. According to the report, Identity Data Integration and Identity Information Quality are fundamentals for Zero Trust, and “With identity data sprawling across a wide range of systems, providing the data at the right place, on-time, integrated across sources, and in the required quality is still an underestimated challenge in IAM.” When this data lies in silos, across a wide range of sources, RadiantOne “creates a unified view on the identities that can serve as the authoritative source of truth for the dependent services that utilize identity data for verification within the Zero Trust infrastructure of an organization.”

We’re thrilled to see the IAM community embracing the identity fabric framework, and we look forward to working with our customers and partners to make your IAM infrastructure even more secure, flexible, and adaptable.

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