Identity Fabric

What is an Identity Fabric?

The Identity Fabric is a distributed identity framework for supporting and enabling IAM. The Identity Fabric approach relies on integration between IAM tools to enable any users, devices, and service IAM scenarios across the identity landscape. A new approach to IAM architecture and operations, this layer aims to tackle the incredible diversity of solutions and rate of change with more flexibility than traditional IAM methods. It’s a framework for distributed identity, and is a key component of the cybersecurity mesh architecture. The Identity Fabric includes, for example, directory services, access solutions and governance platforms.

What problems does an Identity Fabric solve?

Today, IAM systems are not well integrated, leading to gaps in functionality that negatively impacts security and risk, business agility, end user experience, and operational efficiency.

What is the role of identity data in the Identity Fabric?

The Identity Fabric relies on accurate and accessible identity data to enable IAM functions. An Identity Data Fabric enables the Identity Fabric by delivering all necessary and distributed identity data on-demand.

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