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RadiantOne VDS 6 Launches!

We are proud to announce that VDS 6, the newest version of our flagship RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server product, is now shipping!

VDS 6 is breaking new ground in identity management, becoming the world’s first true federated identity service. By virtualizing all of an organization’s identity stores, modeling their structures, and joining those silos, VDS 6 creates a logical and unified view of your identity data that every application can access securely. Finally, enterprises large and small can harness the power of single sign-on (SSO) to federate their cloud services without painful compromises to security and flexibility, and without costly investments in new infrastructure.

What’s new in version 6?

  • Wizard-driven workflow manages your identity system and groups: We’ve overhauled our entire user experience, making simple point-and-click activities of complex tasks, such as:
  • Aggregating identity sources and correlating identities
  • Configuring new auto-generating user groups and remapping old ones
  • Extending existing data hierarchies with data from other data sources
  • Flexible caching options ensure data reliability: Whatever the priority–mission-critical event-driven instant updates, or low-impact periodic refreshes–VDS 6’s caching will keep your directory up-to-date and ready to meet your demands
  • Web-based control panel simplifies administration: Everything you need to monitor and manage your server has been consolidated into one neat browser window; now you can manage VDS 6 from anywhere–including while you’re on the go, from your mobile device

VDS 6 works seamlessly with RadiantOne’s new Cloud Federation Service, forming a fully federated identity hub that bridges every data source and application your enterprise employs, both locally and in the cloud. The result: an end-to-end federation solution, where every user across your organization can enjoy an easy, secure SSO experience, with the very minimum in administration and configuration overhead.

Already working with another federation solution? VDS 6 integrates easily with your identity provider to bring all the added security, stability, and flexibility benefits of a federated identity service to your organization.

We’re proud of the work that has gone into making VDS 6 such a powerful piece of technology, and we want to take system design off your identity management to-do list for good.

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