The Radiant Difference

Enterprise-Grade Tools and Innovative Technologies for Identity Integration

Innovation is at the heart of our federated identity and directory service, RadiantOne. From our patented model-driven approach to identity and context virtualization to our Big Data Directory that scales elastically to hundreds of millions of users and queries, RadiantOne is the technology leader for identity and context in the security and data management space.

RadiantOne covers the full life cycle of the identity integration process:

  • Data Modeling: RadiantOne builds a global model to logically connect all aspects of identity and context from across multiple heterogeneous data sources.
  • Identity Correlation: By correlating identity across different repositories and creating a common identifier linking all profiles, RadiantOne builds a global view of all users in a single, logical location.
  • Sophisticated Attribute Joins: Once overlapping users have been linked to each other through correlation, RadiantOne uses flexible “joins” to pull in attributes from all their various accounts into one global profile. This 360-degree view of each user enables attribute-based authorization.
  • Dynamic Groups: Maintaining groups used for access management can be time-consuming and very complex—when multiple data sources are involved. With RadiantOne, you can flexibly create groups and define membership across diverse stores, for fine-grained authorization with much less time and effort.
  • Advanced Storage and Scalability: Our Big Data Directory renders and persists the global data model—or series of materialized hierarchical views—without slowing query performance with complex joins and searches across multiple data sources. Such a solution enriches your views and scales across consistently high volumes. It’s available as part of RadiantOne FID in Active-Passive Mode for directory migration or in Cluster Mode for advanced use cases, allowing customers to scale up as their needs demand.
  • Real-Time Synchronization: Keep your data up to date automatically. RadiantOne responds to change events immediately, so data stays current and consistent.
  • Context Management: Radiant’s groundbreaking Context Builder detects the semantic of your metadata and represents contextual information from across your application and data silos, delivering a deeper understanding of how all your enterprise information interrelates.
  • Wizard-Based Workflow: With RadiantOne’s powerful wizards, projects that used to take months of heavy customization and synchronization now takes minutes—and tasks like adding new identity sources or building dynamic groups are as easy as point-click-done.

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