Delivering a Seamless Customer Experience

Reaching out through direct digital channels to your customers and other external constituencies is the new imperative for most sizable enterprises. But the deployment of customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions offers two major challenges: scale and integration. While today’s CIAM tools offer rich capabilities available at great scale, they are not designed to manage the underlying integrations that tether your existing customer base to your new CIAM initiatives.

Large enterprises have built up massive customer databases and integrating SQL into your digital strategy has been a major challenge—until now. The first requirement for customer identity projects is to deploy or enhance user registration, at volumes that dwarf most internal identity systems geared toward employees. This new registration process records the ID and credentials of a user who interacts with your system for the first time, but for most companies you’re actually registering a majority of your existing off-line customers through your portal.

Instead of making your existing customers re-register for digital access, a better experience is to recognize the existing relationship and confirm any new details, instead of starting from scratch. RadiantOne FID reinforces the cIAM toolset, offering integration and mapping to securely connect customer identities to the digital offerings you want them to access. The goal is a seamless omni-channel customer experience—one that leverages the digital, while honoring the existing relationship, with no gaps between brick and mortar, online, or phone experiences.

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